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Hi all, 


Two weeks ago, my mum suffered a sudden SAH, she was intubated and taken from the local hospital to an inner London hospital with a neuro ward. She had the drain procedure done straight away and the following day had the coil procedure. The first few days after the SAH, I felt like my whole world had collapsed, I felt so lost and empty. Three days ago she opened her eyes, I felt like I was dreaming. However, since yesterday her condition worsened, she isnt responding very well and has a bowel infection. Is this normal? 

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Hi there


So sorry to hear about your mum.  


Unfortunately there is nothing "normal" when recovering from an SAH - everyone has, and will, experience something different.


The lack of response could be due to the infection, but you'd be better speaking to her specialist / surgeon.  Have they put her on anti-biotics for the infection??  Write down all the questions you want to ask her care team and write down the answers they give you.  We can't offer medical advice as we're not qualified to do so - all we can offer is experience and comfort.


I have everything crossed that your mum makes a full and speedy recovery x

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Hey there. First I am sorry about your mum nd all I can say is have and keep hope . Everything is going to be upside down for a good while, the brain is going through trauma and it runs the show as we know so there is no’normal’ . However she’s in good hands and they are going to work to help mum get through this but it will probably feel like you clog back and forth and that’s not a great feeling for you and the family.


Talk to her, she’ll feel the love even if not responding or out of it on drugs, trust me in that.

the drain will be helping the pressure for her but she’ll be supe confused and short term memory shot. Speak slowly, don’t expect too much too soon. Measure progress from now and progress there will be.


So again. Have hope.

Welcome and come here if you need to check in or just have people who understand. 
Oh and rest yourself, she’ll want her baby to be ok, trust me in that too. 
daff xx 

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