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unruptured aneurysms

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Hi everyone and I hope you are all well.

Just wanted to let you know of a meeting I had with my neurosurgeon yesterday and how he answered a few of my questions on my 2 anuerysms(think I can finally spell it now!).

I had a lot of questions but to cut this short he told me that the chance of rupture of my remaining anuerysm(I only have 1 and not 2 as I had previously thought) is less than 0.5%.

And what I didn't know was that the type of anuerysm that I had that did rupture was a different type and probably formed only a few days or weeks before the rupture.

There are longer lasting anuerysms and they have only a remote chance of rupture and the longer you have them the less chance there is.

Mine is only 2mm and because it has stayed the same size he doesnt see it changing in my next scan.

I know how worrying it is to live with an anuerysm and I know that some of you are also living with anuerysms so I just wanted to pass this on. Don't get over anxious about it and try to find out as much as you can about your individual case.

So I'm feeling a lot less stressed.

I also thought the anuerysm that burst was a large one but it wasn't, it was only 4mm. They think it only formed a few days before rupture so it is not completely size dependent.

It was a large bleed though.

I hope this is not too confusing but do check with your consultant.


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nice to know the consultant has put your mind to rest and that you can now see the light at the end of the tunnel live life now the way you wanted to without the fear of it happening again abit the possibly yearly scan take care and go for it

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Hi Momo

great news for you thanks for sharing it. I have to go for my first scan in June / July to find if anything else has developed since December. I was given all clear then after having one coiled through angiogram.

I find if I know what the problem is or have some information to work on I am less worried than when I know nothing, but I know that I am not well.

Have a great time and live life to the full.

Take care;-)

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