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I am not an 'Accepting' person....more like a 'Lone Wolf' still a Fighter.

I am sure that in different degrees (is that a song? ah forget it) we are all very similar. Yes your approaches will be different. Calmer on the surface....but in the heart and in the mind still fighting. Fighting is the wrong word...creates images of 'duels at dawn'..'boxing'. Someone will give me the right word?

I have concerns about meeting new people.

Not in the safety of my writing world.

I say to Angel, I won't wear my Caliper...I'll scrub up and shave, smile and say "Hello" as I shake hands. Standing upright concentrating on my legs....two glasses of wine to look 'Normal'. No notes or reminders....smiling and talking in short sentences...if I don't understand just smile and laugh as I say "Yes"....hold glasses in my left hand only, and keep smiling, hopefully they won't even notice.

As Angel drives me home...all I will say is.."Put me back to bed Angel"....as I go back to Aphasia world.

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