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Is there any link between NASAH and previous concussions?

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Hi all, I have become very interested in finding out the reason for my NASAH.  Probably a vain hope I know but previous concussions affected my life significantly and after the NASAH I find myself wanting answers more than ever so I just have to try.  


My query is this:


While I was  in the Neuro ward in hospital I chatted with other patients. I mentioned that I have had two quite serious concussions in my life, the last around 8yrs ago. Three of the four men I chatted to had also had concussions previously. A very narrow poll I know but nevertheless...


I wondered if any others here have suffered this sequence of events and would like to contribute to my very unscientific query?


Many thanks



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I once had a conversation with a brain surgeon about my NASAH. He said it was more than likely caused by an aneurysm that blew itself out leaving nothing to see on the angiograms I had. My bleed was very large and caused hydrocephalus too requiring a temporary EVD. I have never had any previous history of concussion.


Clare xx

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The doctors told me that they couldn't find a cause for me ...they didn't see a sac that would have indicated an aneurysm but it was still possible it could have been.  As for concussions never had one that I was aware of but rode horses growing up and took many a tough tumble.  I have issues with my neck that the doctor suspects happened as a child, so who knows.  



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