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Hard of remembering?

Johnnie M

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Hi all,


I've not been here for a while but 7 years after my stroke I feel the need to ask a question about brain function. As a 63 year old male it is not surprising that I am often accused by my lovely wife of not listening. I am slightly hard of hearing but not so much that I wouldn't hear her at all.


As background I had a mini stroke (TIA) which transformed into an haemorrhagic stroke. This left me with a loss of vision on my right side (quadrantanopia). This was because the brain stroke was emanating from the left hand side, I believe. 


Just the other evening my wife said to me, 'I literally just said what you said...you never listen to me!!' To be honest it was embarrassing because I genuinely never heard her say what she said she did (she was sitting immediately to my right). 


My question is, did my brain injury (because that is what it was) leave me other problems such as not retaining and instantly forgetting what someone says or am I, as accused, just zoning out? I don't want to use my injury as an excuse but maybe there is something that I don't know that I don't know. 


If anyone has any advice I would be grateful.



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Good to see you back Johnnie.


I would say that a visit to get your hearing tested would be a good place to start. I believe Specsavers do them. If everything is okay hearing wise, then I would advise a visit to your doctors to express your concerns. There are tests that can be done to ascertain if it is your memory.


Dare I say it, as we age our memories do tend, on the whole, to get a little worse. :)  

As has been said before, it is too easy to blame SAH for every ensuing problem when in fact it may have nothing at all to do with it.


Not really helpful, I know but please come back and let us know any outcome.

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Hi Johnnie, welcome back :)


As Mario has suggested, i would get your hearing tested just in case it has got worse.

My experience, only when i am tired or distracted, my husband will say something  to me and i am aware he has said something but my brain doesn't compute. I have to say pardon, sorry, what did you say ? I had my hearing tested and i am fine. So in my case it is my brain. I am 61 so also getting older too which wont help !


I really hope you get some answers. Please let us know how you get on.


Take care

Tina xx



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