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Work, double vision and iii nerve palsy

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yesterday I had my 1st control after 9 months of my sha, everythig up there seems perfect and neurosurgeon said all coils compacted and even more, there is no longer a neck on my aneusym so next control sept 2011

My next issue is of course going back to work, Those to whom have spoken to privately know I have an issue with my right eye, non reactive or rather little reactive pupil, double vision on the extremes. I know Karen, Tina and Sally gave up work, Janet is working half day but anybody with this problem is working full time?

I find that if I do not rest during the day my pupil really becomes huge, I feel a sort of pulling sentation in my eye and it tires me up so much and I end up weeikng completly blurry out of that eye. Really scared on going back to work but not going to give up 30 years for nothing¡¡¡

Luckily I have no other issues or 2nd effects. I really look forward to your reply

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Hi Luisa, I am really pleased to hear that things are good with your anneurysm.

I am very lucky that my eyes have returned to normal after my bleed behind the left eye. I did have double vision but it is better now.

I hope things improve for you but if it is rest you have to have at the moment. Then rest it is.

Take care.

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Hi Luisa,

As you know, all my issues are due to my eyesight also. I am just at the year stage now. Clipping was a year ago yesterday. I have noticed quite a difference lately on the fatigue front. I dont need to sleep every day now but maybe stll about 2/3 days a week. This has made a great difference to me and if they would just give me the go ahead to drive I would go back to work tomorrow. I think I'd still need a bit of help with the chores if I was out working every day though. I can,t help but think that this would make me feel almnost 'normal' again. Bring it on DVLA.:biggrin:

So just get hubby to do all the housework and that will let you concentrate on getting back into work mode without any other stresses. Best of luck.

Sally x

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Hi Luisa,

I didn't have any specific issues with my eyes after my SAH, however my eyesight did change a little, and having been back at work 3 months now (and pretty-much full-time now) I do find I get a cicrling orb in my right eye, and on occasions I do also get a burning sensation in my head, towards the end of the day (which I have been told by my GP that it is migraine-aura).

I usually sleep for at least an hour most days when I get home from work, but otherwise I am not doing too badly.

Take care though

Kel x

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