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Secondary Bleed

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Hi all, well my holiday was a disaster. I won't go into the details, but I was having problems for about 2 mth before I went with an ear infection. I am having a lot of pain in the bone running behind my ear and some deafness. I have again been to the docs today, where they now say they don't think the pain is from an infection but a possible secondary bleed. I'm seeing my consultant on the 22nd, so told to tell them. Doc said if they poo pooed the idea to go back to her and she would arrange a scan. Has anyone else had this happen to them.

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Hi Jan...as Liz has said, what a worry for you :( sorry your holiday was a disaster . I had bad ear ache and deafness, but it was because of my craniotomy, they cut down just in front of my ear and it was blocked with blood and stuff, i had it sucked out...yuk. I think you should have a scan to give you peace of mind if nothing else. Wishing you well for the 22nd, take care love Tina xx

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Hi Karen, Tina & Liz D,

In answer to your question Karen, yes I flew to Cyprus and did not seem to have any adverse effects from the flight.

LizD I was coiled and didn't have a craniotomy.

Thank you all for your comments, there's never a time I come on here and don't get support. I talk to my friends about how I feel, but they don't understand. I am back at work a couple of mornings a week and had a few tears on Tues morning because I couldn't remember how to do something. One of my collegies said not to worry it'll get better. How can I make them understand it won't get that much better.

I've always got you lot to help me, so thanks everyone.

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