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Welcome Marian!

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Hi all,

Marian is my mum, she has been at home today and I have told her about this site. She said that she wanted to register and post something, but by the time we had registered and she had typed a couple of lines her concentration zapped and she had a snooze!

Hopefully she'll come back at a later date

Take care


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Hi Marian and Hannah,

It's really lovely to have you with us Marian ........ Hannah has told us quite a lot about your SAH........you must be very proud of her.

I couldn't use a computer for quite a few months after the SAH ..... Think that it's the same for a lot of us SAH'ers. It's very tiring looking at the screen and trying to concentrate about what you want to say and then find the right words etc. It does get better with time and I think that using a computer regularly has really helped in more ways than one. It's also good to have communication with other sufferers that understand what you're going through.

Hope that you're able to come back at some stage and have a chat with us.

Love to you both,

K x

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Hello Marian Hi Hannah

Marian welcome to the site yes Hannah has told us about you nice for you to be able to see for yourself a bit.

I know what a 'brain power' just reading can be so bye just now & hear from you again soon.

Take care


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