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Hi All

Sorry been offline for awhile, got my appointment with my neuro surgeon today for result of angiogram so a little apprehensive at moment. Got a headache, ache all over and knackered, perhaps its good to feel that way when I see him.

Hopefully by tonight I'll have good news and can have a double diet coke!!!

Hope the new year sees you all well and oh yes I have applied for a card from Headway perhaps this will explain things to my friends?

Hope to be more cheerful later.

Bye for now.


John :roll:

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Hi John,

Wishing you the very best of luck with your appointment.

Sorry to hear that you're still feeling a bit down and that the head is bad.....hopefully some good news will take away a bit of that stress for you....I know that stress is a big trigger factor with my own headaches.

Keep well,

Love K x

Hope the card does the trick with your friends...

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Hi all

Thanks for interest, good news my aneursym has been successfully coiled except for a small gap which they will examine again in January 2008 to see if it needs filling. Consultant told me that it is unlikely to bleed again and that I can now fly and basically enjoy myself. I was told to watch my blood pressure and not to smoke which I don't do anyway.

I enquired as to headaches and exhaustion and basically was told that I am in the lucky 33% and it is an unfortunate side effect that may or may not go away and to do what my body tells me. He also told me that the likelihood of having another haemorrhage is the same as any other person so pretty good news hey.

Eventful day time I went to bed.

Cheers All

John :D:D

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Hey there

Thats fantastic news John. And interesting about the headaches and that some never go away. Its the one thing I hate most in the world though - I'd rather stub my toe every day than have a headache!!

Really pleased for you.


Sami xxx

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