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recoiling SAH 2 years later


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anyone had recoiling of sah 2 years after the first? my sister is about to have this next week, what can she expect after?she struggled with the first time,she is 48 and husband has MS, also 2 school age children.she was offered no help or support from hosp the first time, and no advice as to afterwards.i got in touch with brain and spine helpline,eventually, and they were most helpful, with advice on resting and drinking lots of water,and not going out alone at first.when i went to visit my sister ,in hosp ,i asked if there was any aftercare or support,for her cicumstances,and was told no.she was sent home and that was that.

my family are worried for her ,but dont know what to expect.

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Hi Brenda,

Welcome to the site. I can understand that you are worried about your sister and her re-coiling.

From what I've read, it seems that re-coiling is a couple of days in hospital and it's fairly straightforward. I know that Therese on this site has had to be re-coiled etc, so I'm hoping that she will be able to reply to you as well.

It's the initial haemorrhage from the aneurysm bursting that causes the problems to the brain.....hopefully with your sister, second time around with no life threatening symptoms, such as the bleeding, the coiling should be pretty straight forward......like any op, it still does carry a risk, but at least this time she won't have had the bleed to cope with as well. From what I've seen, recovery is pretty good and fairly fast.

My aneurysm may need re-coiling at a later date, as the coils have "settled"....but I won't be quite so worried now.

Hope this helps a little,

Love Karen x

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Hi Brenda

Just read your message. I had recoiling done about 3 months after the original coiling and then almost 5 years later I have had one aneurysm ‘glued’ and may have to have the second one done later.

I notice from your details that you give the county you live in as Cleveland, does your sister also live there and if so is she having it done in the James Cook?

I had the original coilings done in Middlesbrough General and the gluing done at the James Cook.

All I can tell you is about my experience. I felt not much different after having either the second coiling or the gluing done. I think perhaps I was more tired after the gluing. One month after I had the second coiling done I moved house and went back to work a couple of months later. I returned to work in stages which I felt was a good idea.

After the gluing I returned to work a couple of days a week and from next week will go back every day but on fewer hours (gluing done 22nd November 2006 returned to work 2nd Jan 2007). The doctor at the hospital told me that 3 months is the usual period for returning to work but he was happy for me to do it in stages.

Have had to inform DVLA and am now awaiting their verdict on my driving.

When I got out of hospital after gluing I did take it easy and always went out with someone else for the first couple of weeks.

I have received no after care as such just a follow up appointment, the support I receive, and for which I am grateful, is from my family and friends. Of course this website is grate too for useful information and friendly chat.

I hope this helps, if you ask anything please do, you can always send a private message if you like.

Hope all goes well for your sister.



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thanks karen and therese,it was very good to hear your posts. my sister has just had her op yesterday,so far so good, though a bit confusing she was told she was to be recoiled, thentold she was to be glued.but she finally was recoiled.when it showed a bigger bleed than anticipated.

but visited today, and she looks good,yes, therese it was james cook(nuf said) hosp,but when my sister first fell ill,she was taken to casualty then admitted.with suspected migraine,then maybe meningitis. but unfortunatly

it was friday eveing,and no neuro surgeon available,so they planned to leave her till the tues following,until the neuro man was in.but whilst i was visiting her and she was still vomiting and in extreme pain in head she complained that she was numb down her back and legs, and finally she had lumber puncture.they said brain heamorrage, anuerysm. one of the nursing staff phoned a friend working in newcastle,and she was transferred there the next day for operation, moral "dont get seriously ill on a weekend" but alls well that ends well.cheers to all for now,love brenda

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Brenda, i would also get intouch with the Princess Royal Trust for Carers in your area. They would view you and your brother-in-law as carers for your sister. It depends on how she is affected she may be entitled to certain benefits or possibly nothing at all, but I would give them a shout and ask them about homecare support etc.

Get intouch and see if they can give you any advice support good luck.


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Hi Brenda

glad to everything is well.

Several doctors missed what was wrong with me and I was sent home (not james cook hospital). Lay there for 5 days not aware of anything GP finally sent me to Darlington where I had a scan and then was transferred to Middlesborough General. That was 5 years ago.

Anyway good luck to your sister

Take care


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