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Many Thanks

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Hi All,

Thankyou for all your lovely messages, I have read them a few times. I am so pleased that you are all there for me. Frenchay is a wonderful hospital. My doctor is the same person who treated me ten years ago, so I know I am in her safe hands again.

I keep thinking of all the good things in my life right now.

My family especially our 9 month old Grandson Ryan.

My youngest Son who lives in Sydney,and is getting on married Feb 24th in Thailand. I decided not to tell him about me this time, as I can't bare the thought of him worrying so far away from us. He is so enjoying his life out there, and thats how I want it to stay.

My doctor laughed when she asked me if there was any time that I could not come in to have it done,not thinking it would be done so quickly. I said I just can't come in Feb as its my Son wedding day, and I want to ride a elephant!!!!

I see there are a few members who live in Scotaland on the board both our boys were born there.We lived in a lovely little village called Leuchars in Fife, not far from the home of golf, St Andrews, beautiful part of the world.Almost as nice as the West country!!!

Well time to try and get our dog out for a walk, he does not seem to want to go out today as its been so wet.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

Take care all Love Sonia xxxxx

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Hi Sonia,you're so brave its really good that you are positive and can think the way you are doing I am sure it can't be easy. Is it next Friday you go in?

A wedding in Thialand,:-Dfabulous thats something wonderful to look forward to. And am sure the thought of Ryan chuckling will spur you on to a quick recovery.

Try to keep calm,keep thinking the way your doing and get loads of rest this week.Will be thinking of you.Wishing you the best.

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Hi Sonia,

As Maggie has said already, I too think that you're a very brave lady!... You've got a lot to look forward to! :-D

I can understand you, not wanting to tell your youngest son ... I would do exactly the same .... I'm sure that you will get to "ride" on that elephant! ...:wink:

Sending love and hugs to you.... xx

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Hi Sonia

You have a lovely positive attitude to life. I agree with Karen about not saying to your son, I too would do the same thing. In fact I didn't want my 81yr old mother to know about my SAH until after the coiling procedure. She lives more than 100 miles from me and I know she would have been worried sick and tried to get to see me beforehand. Sometimes it's better to be told after it's all over.

A wedding in Thailand and a baby grandson, not to mention riding an elephant,exciting times!

Leuchars is a beautiful place but the weather is much better in the west country!

This is a stressful time for you but keep focusing on all the great things you have in your life, it will help you get through.

Take care.

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