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New to site - my mum's got sah

Guest jimjamjo

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Guest jimjamjo


This is a great site!!!! very reassuring.

My mum is 71 and she was diagnosed with sah last week. They tried to fit a coil on Friday but abandoned because there was too much blood.

They said that they can't do this procedure again for 4-6 weeks and are moving her back to a normal hospital tomorrow. She's fine mentally and relatively fine physically.

Is the move to a basic hospital and wait for 6 weeks normal?

Thanks Stella

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Hi Stella,

Welcome to the site and sorry to hear about your Mum.

I haven't heard of anybody waiting for that amount of time to be coiled.....but may be it's because of your Mum's age as well and they need to make sure that she's stable before they perform the op again? It sounds as though they don't want to take any uneccesary risks with your Mum, as there is a very small risk of stroke occuring during the coiling itself. I might be completely barking up the wrong tree here...

I would imagine that they will keep a very close eye on her and she will be monitored for her blood pressure and any changes etc. I must admit that I haven't heard of anybody being transferred from a specialist neuro hospital and back to a general one. May be it's just a question of a bed shortage?

I would certainly ask these questions when you next go to the hospital and find out the reason as to why she has to wait for this period of time?

What hospital is she in?

All hospitals seem to vary with the amount of information that they give you, but don't be worried about asking them, if they're not very forthcoming.

Sorry that I'm not much help, but most of us on this site were coiled or clipped in a matter of days, rather than weeks.

If your Mum is being transferred tomorrow, it might be wise to ask the questions tomorrow, before the transfer takes place.

Love K x

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Hi there

I know that when my brain fizzed they waited over 12 hours to coil me as the blood had clotted around the anuersym and they kept me in a drug induced coma until they could operate so that I didn't thrash around and get distressed through the pain. It could be that they feel the body has done what its supposed to do and they want to give the blood time to drain away slightly so that they can see what is happening.

Like Karen said though - do ask why.

When my father in law was due to have his heart by pass they kept him at one hospital until there was a bed free at the hospital he was having his operation in otherwise he would have been waiting for weeks. The difference is though that technically your mums is an emergency, but the same policy may apply - again make sure you ask what and why.

Hope everything goes OK

Sami xxx

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Hi Stella

The priority with SAH is always to prevent re-bleeding. Make sure you ask for a reason for the delay. The fact that your Mum is in good clinical condition may have something to do with the lack of urgency.

Like Sami, I was sedated and on a ventilator on admission to the neuro unit and was coiled some 30 hours after the initial bleed. I had 2 bleeds, the second about 6 hours after the first, so In my case, the absolute priority was to prevent another bleed by early treatment.



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