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Developing pains

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Hi Everyone

Im just begining to develop some pains in my head. They come and go quite quickly and are not that painful. Lots of tingling and buzzing. The worst pain is around my left eye socket and in the eye itself. It aches and feels really tired.

My SAH was in Sept 2010 and I had a 5 hour operation on the left side of my brain. Is this what happens or should I go to the docs and let him know??

Karen x

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Donna right, go to the doc's and it will feel like home soon !! i told my doc i was going to move my bed there:lol: I did and do feel strange feelings in the head, tingling and burning and early on like water was running down my head. But do go to the doc's as he will check blood pressure look in your eyes and put you at ease.

Take care Rhiann xxxx

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Hi Karen

My doc came to the house to me, he said the surgery was full of sick people! For the first few weeks he came to see me 3 times per week and then I saw him at least once a fortnight. A lot of visits. I still see him now every 2 months for a check. Because he saw me so often he could see improvements where I couldn't. It was the other way around for me, my home was like another surgery for him he was here so often. If you have any doubts about anything always go to your doctor. It's always reassuring to get things checked.

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