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Nausea and dizziness!!!:(

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Hi everyone :)

Well i've not been on for awhile as ive really bad nausea again and dizzy heads with headaches. 7months on do you still get this nausea????? Not been sick but boy have i felt it:crazy: My GP has been on a three week holidAY but is back on Tuesday ive made a appointment to see him on wednesday. I think he will send me for a camera down my throat as he wants to rule anything else out. Not looking forward to it but at least ill know whAts going on and if all is well in the tummy.

The heat is'nt helping here and the the thuderstorms give me very dizzy heads and pressure headaches. Not sleeping to good because of waking up feeling sick :frown: Well all ive done is moan today :lol: Hope everyone else is fairing better;-)

Take care Rhiann xx

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Hi Rhiann!

I wonder if barometric pressure impacts the pressure in our heads?

I feel awful for you with nausea on top of everything else. I'm dizzy throughout the day but not nauseous very often anymore. Peter and I were in a dept store this afternoon with bright lights, lots of people, and we were looking at mirrors. Ha! Walking down the mirror aisle.... I was really dizzy!! Had to lean against him or the counter by the time we got to the cashier!

Dizzy is one thing but you add blurry eyes or nausea or both and that can be debilitating. I just want to lay down when I'm sick to my tummy. I'm glad you are pursuing with your doc. I hope you get some relief!

Sandi K. Xoxoxox

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Hi Rhiann and Sandi

Sorry to hear your not to well Rhiann at the moment. I have never felt nausea but always feeling dizzy. More of a spaced out feeling than dizzy and seems worst when i use my jaw to eat or talk. I dont know whats the effect of the SAH or whats anxiety anymore or how long it will last. Im just taking it day by day now and trying to keep calm.

Hope the doc can help you next week at least sort the nausea out.

Sending hugs all around the world to you both.

Traci S xxx

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Rhiann - Sorry to hear you've not been feeling well lately :( Glad to hear, though, that you are seeing your dr. to rule out any problems. And yeah, I think we all tend to feel a bit off, whether it's dizziness, headaches, etc... with the weather changes. Hope you get to feeling better soon and get some answers from your dr. Take care and get some rest. Please keep us posted as to how you're gtting along.

Hug coming your way,


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I'm sorry you've not been feeling too good :( As for me, I had nausea and dizziness very bad in hospital, which is why I was kept in for so long. Since I've been home, it's happened quite recently, actually, when I'd overdone it three days running - it took me right back to the early days!! And I'm 11 months on!

Rest, lots of water, pace yourself... hope that's enough to get rid of this horrible feeling! Hugs!

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Thanks everyone for your replies, i think it is overdoing it and getting tired that can cause my nausea:frown: Kids are back to school on wednesday after eing off for 7weeks, so yes i am overdoing it!!!!:crazy: Feel alittle scared tho as ill be left on my own again after 2months of having company everyday, i dont like my own company:frown:

Take care Rhiann x

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