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Hi All

Don't know if this has been mentioned before but do many of you experience frequent dreams. I can honestly say that I dream every night some of which I would describe as nightmares.

I am 5 years post coiling and the dreams seem to be on the increase, I appreciate I am on a lot of medication which doesn't help but my dreams are so vivid. When I wake up I remember them for a few seconds and then go blank.

Obviously I used to dream before my haemorrhage but not as much as I do now. Would be interested if any of you experience same.



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Hey there

For about a year I couldn't remember any dreams I had post SAH and even now I feel I don't dream as much, but when I do they are very vivid and if I wake suddenly it feels like they're very real. I'm not on any meds and have no explanation or idea why my dreaming patterns had and have still changed.

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Hi John

I think the fact you remember all these dreams may be because you are not sleeping very deeply. I remember once having a time like that and I think my GP put it down to the medication I was on at the time (I can't remember what it was) but she changed it, and the dreams seemed to diminish quite a bit.

After my SAH I also experienced seeing "images" when I woke up out of sleep. One time I remember seeing a man sitting by my bed reading a newspaper and it took me a few seconds to realise it wasn't real. Other times I would see spiders or large shadows moving about. Again my GP was helpful and I think "visual hallucinations" are not uncommon when waking out of sleep. Again she changed medication I was on and though I still see "images" from time to time, I have learnt to ignore them.

It might be an idea to discuss your sleep with your GP. I hope you get something sorted.

With best wishes


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After my SAH there's 2 weeks missing.

My first memory after SAH is of a bad dream.

I have had bad dreams ever since for about 5 months. Every night, every nap.

They are decreasing in number now, luckily, for they are just horrible. (down to 2 or 3 a week)

I can't remember what I ate yesterday, or what I have seen on tv, but I remember all my dreams. They are vivid and always violent and ******.

When there's something important or exciting on the schedule I can count on my dreams being back in full force. Usually I know they aren't true when I wake up. But htere have been times when I had to go look in the shed or the garden to see if there weren't any traces or remnants of my nightly killings...

pfftt.. (not always killing myself though.. I get killed a lot as well...)

I think it is me trying to make sense of what happenend to me. I feel victimised and am very angry with the world for being really noisy and loud and bright...

I hope they will further decrease, 'cause it just sucks!

Started EMDR a few weeks ago to see if that helps me.

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I've always had vivid dreams, and talk in my sleep as well. Years ago I kept a dream journal and it's quite interesting to go back and read it now - what was happening in my life at the time was certainly reflected in my dreams. Think I could write some scary books from some of them:yikes: - Nessie, you probably could as well!

Some meds do cause nightmares, strange and vivid dreams with hallucinatory after effects. That's scary all on its own!

I did notice after the SAH, I didn't dream much. That lasted about 6 weeks. Then the night terrors came. Shouting and screaming out - not only did I wake my partner, but I woke myself as well! I've also, unknowingly:shock:, hit him during some of these nightmares! After I started taking the xanax, a lot of this stuff has settled down some. Nick is thankful for this :lol: and so am I. Still have very vivid dreams, some lucid (where you realize within the dream, that you're dreaming and can change how the dream is going!) Our brains are truly amazing and strange in the way they work!

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Strangely, I didn't dream at ALL (or at least no recollection) for months after the SAH. I now have normal dreams, I think....

Funnily enough, during my pregnancy, over 20 years ago, I remember having very angry dreams, where I'd confront people and shout at them! Very unlike me in real life lol. I had a very happy pregnancy and it was very much a wanted one that I'd waited 10 years for, so I have no idea why I was so angry in my sleep. Weird!

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