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To Make you Laugh (or help you avoid the same)

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I hope this will give you all a giggle or help you to not make the same mistake.

Having just lost my licence through post SAH problems, I am, for the first time in my life trying to use buses. A couple of good friends have helped by bringing me timetables with the routes I need highlighted (a bus timetable to me is just a confusing jumble of numbers).

So....having pored over it all day, I believed I had the necessary times committed to memory and bravely went for a trip up town. It turns out that knowing what time your bus home is due and where to catch it from is not enough:roll: I almost got on a bus going non-stop to a town 30 miles away (right place, right time:crazy:)

Luckily an elderly neighbour was at the same bus stop & asked if I was sure it was the right bus. I now know that I need to commit the bus number to memory too before I set off!! I realise that to most people this is obvious - but to new bus folk like myself it may be helpful to know before you set off:lol:

Michelle x

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:lol::lol: ahaaaa bus stories,well as it happens I had to use public transport at first too.

I got to the bus stop in plenty of time and I waited patiently! The bus came and sailed passed me without stopping:crazy:

Apparently you have to put out your arm to stop the bus:crazy: The next one was an hours wait!:roll:

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Good tip that Louise thanks! Rufus and me went on the bus today,he quite likes it:lol:

I got really confused with the bus numbers and as the bus approached I got confused so thought i'd better check on the time table pinned to the post and turned my head to look back. The bus went sailing passed AGAIN!:crazy::crazy::crazy::crazy::crazy: It's true!:lol:

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