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Progress on wrapped aneurysm

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Hi Guys:-D

Feeling a lot more positive

Had an appointment with vascular surgeon last week. They told me that I had another bleed on operating table in Sept ( News to me) They said that they were expecting the large anni to have caused the problem but it was the small one!!

The large anni they worked on for a few hours but in such a strange position/shape/surface that all they could do at the time was wrap it in muslin!!

Well they want to do an angio to see what is happenning with it. I had to get cleared with EDS specialist first which has happened thank goodness.

When they do the angio they are then going to decide whether all they can do is monitor it or discuss with me whether it can be coiled but they said they will discuss that with me because of the risks- slight worry then!!!

You know I have had 2 seizures since xmas, my doc says its normal really for people who have had brain surgery to have seizures for a while. How come no one said that when I was disharged from hospital?????

I had one on 25th Jan and one on 25th Feb, Now feeling a bit nervous as it gets towards

25th March!!!!

Good news, I go back to work as assistant headteacher at a high school this week. Feel a bit nervous but looking forward to it. A phased return so hopefully I have the opportunity to get used to it.

Thanks for listening

Karen x:-D

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Karen, no wonder you are nervous about the 25th! Maybe a day at the spa is in order?! Any excuse is what I say!

Good for you on the return to work! Are you excited? I went to visit work on Thursday and just say hi and everyone was so nice to me it took everything I had to remain composed!

It must be a relief to you to hear the details of what happened during your operation. Just knowing makes such difference!

Sandi K. Xox

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Moring Karen! Good to hear you've at least gotten some more information. Sorry to hear that you've had seizures, though. I'm sure it must be a scary time. Hopefully all will settle down soon and you'll get more reassurance from next dr. visit. Will keep you in my thoughts and prayers!

Good for you with your phased return to work! Just listen to your body and ony do what you can. Take good care, hon.


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Thanks Sandi and Carolyn for your supportive comments

Yes I am excited about my return to work but the events have made me realise that for the past couple of years I have been a bit obsessed, im taking it easy Thats a promise!!!

Its funny the more you find out about what happened to you the more confident and reassured you become. Im really begining to feel as though Im not just suddenly going to drop dead ( scarey thought but not meant to sound depressing, im not depressed!!!)

Just one more comment about how we are discharged from hospital with very little info. More needed im sure

K xxx

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Hi Kaz

Just wanted to say hope your sch is more accommodating than mine. I was a primary school teacher who was forced to return to work 6 weeks after SAH and was forced to return to ft after another 6 weeks. It didn't work I was very poorly and was off for months afterwards, eventually forced to leave teaching. Four years on I now ready ready to return and have started applying for jobs. Please take my advice and say no when things are too much cos' I didn't.

Wishing you every success


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Hi Karen,

Pleased that you have had things explained to you which does help in alleviating those endless how, when and what questions.

Hope you manage to get through 25th next week without too much worry. Good luck for your return to work and trust you have some understanding colleagues;-) - and pupils for that matter!


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Thanks Sarah

Im sorry you had such a hard time Laura, it doesn't seem fair at all what happened to you. Were the union very supportive? It doesn' t seem as though they were supportive enough. My school has been fantastic.I took the full 100 days off mostly on the advice of the school even though we are a NC school and Im in charge of standards!!!

Im hoping they are as understanding when I return!!!:-P

Good Luck with applying for jobs now I hope it works out for you

Karen x

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