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Second Opinion...UK

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I'm thinking of asking for a second opinion(UK) but not sure how to go about this..

Has anyone here ever had a second opinion. Is this arranged through your GP or neuroconsultant and can you choose who you would like the second opinion from? (I would prefer not to be seen by someone in the hospital I was treated in.) I am prepared to travel to different city.

Also how long does this take generally.

Any info on this would be good, thanks.

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Hey Momo

sorry I havent had a second opinion never felt the need....

your not with Bupa are you as you could go throug them Im thinking....But I guess speaking with the GP..

What hospital were you treated in?

See what others say...

hope things are ok with you

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hi momo

you are perfectly entitled to a second opinion you have to ask your gp to refer you to a neurosurgen or neuroligist if its for your current condition or dr if its a new condition at a hospital of your choice if this is what you wish he/she may ask the reasons why and you may have to sign a form giving the new dr permisson to view your records good luck it shouldnt take long if its for your current condition i did requst lin to be reviewed and it was done fairly quickly

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Hi Momo

Sorry I haven't really much to add. I would have thought you would need to go through your G.P or go Private.

I was discharged by my Consultant who then left that hospital. I hadn't had the follow up Scan which the NICE guidelines suggests. The G.P also said he had no reason to question the Consultants decison to discharge me.

However undeterred and having the benefit of Private Insurance I persued things. I didn't feel I had been given the best care. My G.P referred me to a Neuro Surgeon in the Same hospital and fair dues to him me said it was an oversight and that I should have been seen.

I was put back in the NHS System under that Consultant who I have to say was suberb.

I'm v glad I pushed things and went for the second opinion.

Good Luck

Hope things get sorted for you

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