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Interesting info on fatigue

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I am not sure where to put this, so I'll put it here. The Brain & Spine Foundation contacted me asking if they could quote me in a new article about fatigue. (Of course I said yes!). Anyway, it's gone live now, so here is the link, if you are interested.

Sorry I haven't been around lately - the fatigue has flared up again, nearly 18 months post SAH/clipping. I keep thinking I'm "over it" and then I get laid low for a week again, and my brain starts to go foggy again. Hey ho! At least I'm still here. Keep smiling :cool:

Admin note 24/12/13 - This link is no longer working. Please click on Jen's Blog below.

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This really helped me Jen, thanks for posting.

I have not been around much recently, ironically due to feeling too tired!! It is more of a mental energy deficit than a physical one.

I took up a four week sign language course recently and I think it was just above what I could really cope with, given my other commitments with voluntary work too.

On reflection I think I used too many spoons!!*

Lynne xx

*Disclaimer:- For those who have not read the Spoon Theory in Jen's link, my spoon comment may have inadvertently made me look a little weird! :out:

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Glad to be of some help! It's interesting (and reassuring in a way) to see how many of us suffer from fatigue. It must be very hard for others to understand though - I know as a medical secretary I used to poo-poo (in my head) the chronic fatigue patients who'd phone up and go "it's so haaaard, I'm so tiiiiired" but then, they would say "I did a 10 mile bike ride and it took me days to get over it", when all I could think was "I can't even DO a 10 mile bike ride, you think YOU'RE tired?". Now I feel bad because chronic fatigue is a killer :(

Anyway, at least we have each other to lean on. Keep smiling, eh?! :D

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