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Different types of Headaches

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Who knew there were so many different types of headaches?

Leading up to my PM-NASAH I had headaches daily. What I would now call 'tension' headaches but my doctor calls 'menopausal migrain' and who knows, maybe they were indicators of pressure in my head and the explosion to come.

Once my head exploded they stopped and were replaced with the feeling of an elastic band around my head. Some days tighter than others.

Then shortly after the pain in my sinuses and front of my head from my front teeth to the top of my forehead began.

Then my temples joined in. This is all lasted for months and now comes and goes.

A few months ago another slight pain began around my left eye. Sometimes an arc above the eye. Sometimes a circle around it. Sometimes pinpointed on a throbbing vessel on the inside corner of my eye. At the same time the 'tension' headache came back which superseded the eye pain so I didn't pay much attention.

The doctor put me on Co-Topiramate for migraine/epilepsy. I don't have epilepsy but the hope was to rid the constant headache and steady out my energy levels.

What I'm left with is this localized very specific pain around my left eye. The meds don't touch it. It's more pronounced now. I will talk to the GP. Anyone else have the eye thing?

My sight damage is in my right eye, not left.

Sandi K.

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Sandi Hi,

Sorry about headaches etc..must be bad. for you

I get headaches but not as bad as yours... My .eye sometimes twitches...I just pretend I am winking at

my hubby lol ... also pain in temple .....tell Doc about it better to have your mind put at rest.

Be Well and Smile please xxxxxxxx


WinB143 xx

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Hi Sandi,

REading your post reminded me of things I read at the Dealing with Doctors page of TBI website. It sounds like you're doing some of what's suggested, but just wanted to bring your attention to the page, if you haven't already checked it out.

I found this at this website on Traumatic Brain Injury. While most of us here don't technically have "traumatic" brain injury (we didn't have an external 'blow' to the head) there are lots of cross over in terms of recovery and dealing with different thigsg. I found this website very useful for information.

Hope it's useful for you.


PS, I'm gonna give you a call sometime in the next few days, don't know when yet...look for my ring!

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Hi Sandi,

For nearly a yr before my SAH I was attending the eye hospital due to eye pains in my left eye. It hurt the most when looking up and in towards my nose. I had many tests and

a ct scan, no sign of SAH then (April 2010) they found a prob with muscle movement on upper part of eye and were due to do steroid injections in october 2010. However had my SAH august 2010, it's clipped two inches behind my left eye. All a coincidence they say??

I have been to see consultant at eye hosp since SAH as now I get blurry vision on long distance, I have a lazy left eye and had a slight squint but SAH has made it much worse. They don't know if it will get better and I see them again in November. I'm also very light sensitive.

I get headaches / pains on the left side all the time, the easiest way to describe it is it feels like someone is permanently pushing their fingers into my temple. I often get aches all over the left side of my head. Always wake up with head pains and can't sleep on that side for long. I can pretty much only have paracetamol as am limited with pain relief as I've only one kidney. When I last saw neuro consultant he said all these pains were normal but should ease with time. So,fingers crossed,infact everything crossed that they do!

I hope your pains ease.

SarahLou Xx

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