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How's it going with everybody?

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Good morning everybody!

Just wondering how everybody is doing especially the newer members of the group who've been pretty quiet?

Hope all is well with you and let us know how you're getting on with life.

Sami, hope that the counselling went well yesterday and I will come back to the board a bit later.

Take care,

Karen x :)

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Hi Karen

Almost 6 weeks now since my SAH and I'm making a good recovery.

Some days I feel fine and that I should be at work, but then I get a bad spell and I'm glad I'm still at home.

I went to a SAH support group meeting at Southampton last night where a neuroradiologist gave an excellent presentation on coiling. He went into a lot of detail and I learned a lot about what happened to me whilst I was in hospital.

I was also pleased to meet David and his wife Debbie and share some experiences with them - Hello to you both!



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Hi All

6 weeks after my SAH and physically I'm fine. Headaches are getting less frequent and I don't seem as tired all the time. Emotionally its been a struggle with some days being desperate and others a complete state of euphoria. I've not had a bad day since 25th Sept and touch wood it will stay that way. I went back to work as soon as possible so that I could keep focused, my counsellor told me it was probably a good thing as its helping me keep things as normal as possible under the circumstances. I'm lucky enough to be able to rest at work when I get tired though.

Anyway I'll stop rambling and give someone else a go :D

Catch you all later

love Sami xxx

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Hi to all,

Keith, it's good to hear from you and you sound as the you're doing well. Don't rush back to work too quickly...like you say you have good and bad days...on the good ones you will probably wonder why you're sitting at home, but on the bad ones you will be grateful not to have the pressure of having to go into work. I went back to work way too early....felt under pressure to return and I wasn't ready.....I haven't worked since ..... I obviously didn't take much notice of what the Docs told me at the time about a long recovery period. But, I suppose that things sometimes happen for a reason and if I had been working, then I wouldn't have set up this site and met you lovely people!!

So you're the expert on coiling to come to! If you found out any useful info at the meeting, do you fancy writing about it? I would certainly be interested in hearing about it.

It must have been nice to have met David and Debbie .... I haven't heard anything from David for a while, so hope that he's okay?

Sami, hope all is well with you.....I'll be back later.

Love to you all,

K x

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Hello everybody.

Things are good today.

Yesterday I had to go on a works course about Sexual Health and Young People. There are some nasty diseases out there!!! Ugghhh! Anyway after the course I was going to Manchester to go on a Thai Boxing seminar.

My worry was what am I going to do with Heather from 9.30am through til 10pm at night? I was worried because this would be the longest she had spent alone and I was panicking a bit. Heather offered a solution. She asked if she could go to my sisters in Manchester in the morning and if I could pick her up after my seminar. Hooray, Heather came up with an idea of her own and felt confident enough to negotiate the journey alone.

I rang my sister and she said that she would meet Heather at Piccadilly station at 11.25 am. Heather and I planned the journey for her down to the last inch.

I went off to my course and left Heather alone to do her thing. Wow, I thought I was worried before.... I don't think I heard a single word said on the course all morning. I was waiting for the call to say ' Hi Andy I made a mistake and got on the wrong train, I am now in .....' or I got off at the wrong station' or a call from my sister saying ' I have been waiting for 1 hour and she still isnt here'. Time had slowed down to a crawl in the course room and everybodys voice had slowed to an unintelligible sludge. I watched the clock and managed to fit whole sentences between the tics and tocs! I was watching the rain out of the window and found that I could follow a single drop as it fell. Time had become like wading through a tunnel of tar.

Then my phone rang 'Hi love its me, I am in Beckys car and we are off to the Trafford center, ring me when you can' followed by 'Love you see ya later'.

She made the journey, she arrived safely, she didnt get lost, she didnt do anything wrong at all! I was relieved that she was safe but that was nothing compared to how I felt in regard to how far she had come in her recovery!!!!! mmmmm joy is a good emotion and I would like to see more of it in the world.

Take care everyone. I am off to float around on my little joy cloud and do my best to sustain this moment.


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Hi All,

Andy, that's really good news about Heather.....mind you, I can well imagine that you couldn't concentrate on anything whilst she made the journey.......I'm really pleased for her!

My 16 yr old daughter had a lesson on sexual health at school ...... they were apparently shown photos of certain diseases ...... she was horrified at what she saw .... let's just hope that it's a valuable lesson, but not sure whether I would want to see a full colour close up either!! My, have things changed since I went to school!

Sami, yesterday you said that you had sent me a private message.....but didn't receive anything, unless you changed your mind etc but thought that I would let you know. How are you this morning?

Well, I've just got back from doing a basketful of shopping......nothing exciting, but I'm plagued with the dizzy spells today, so have spent much of the morning sitting on my bum. It makes me feel irritable when I get it bad.....but hey.....I shall go and find something to kick!

Eric has got back from Gibraltar......therefore washing/ironing is on the agenda once I get going. Can't wait!!

Great to see another new face on the MB.....Louise......I hope Louise, that if you read this that you will join us! :D The site seems to be taking off quite well now, which has made me feel pretty relieved. We've added the site to Wikipedia and we're getting quite a few people coming from that source as well as Salford/Soton NHS.

Anyway, going now....can't keep skiving! Will be back later.

Take care all,

Lots of Love K x :D

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Hi All

Today I am good. I've just had my first business meeting in Loughborough with one of our clients and I feel good. We're on the verge of getting a huge projet from them which is potentially worth about £100,000 providing we get all the artworks. I'll have to co-ordinate the whole thing and Paul will be in charge of the artwork. Something to keep me occupied and make me feel like my old self.

I'm looking forward to this evening and going to my friend's house to say goodbye to another friend her husband and their daughter as they're moving to Penzance.

Nice to hear from you Andy H as I have read Heather's and your story and my heart goes out to you both and Louis so very very much.

Karen take your own advice and do what you can when you can!!!

Keith, please share what you found out about coiling with us - I've beentold nothing apart from they're platinum and twice the width of a human hair.

Anyway I'm off for a rest now as today I feel i need one.

Love to all

Sami xxx

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Hi Sami,

Good luck with the new project, it will certainly keep your mind busy, which is great.......better than doing the accounts eh! That's what I miss not working anymore. (No, not the accounts, keeping the mind busy!)

I love Cornwall....very pretty, we took a holiday nr. Penzance just before I was ill in 2005. Enjoy your evening, I would imagine that you will miss your friend though.

Yep, I am taking it easy ..... I'm just find it all a bit boring today and it's one of those days where I just can't settle......still I know that I can feel a whole lot worse than this. :)

Anyway, just about to take a look at some article writing from Andy H .... he's a good writer .... wish I was as eloquent as he is!

Take care, enjoy your rest,

Lots of Love K x

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