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worrying time

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hi all,

hubby had sah 2009 no known cause and life has sailed on with ups and downs, as everyone feels the dread of another sah and its never far from your mind. yesterday hubby rang me to say he has got a stiff neck and then a blinding headache, not the thunder clap as in 2009. went to a/e had a ct scan which showed no bleed but hopefully they will be doing a lumbar puncture today to rule out a small bleed. i am trying to stay positive as the headaches were intermittent and the stiff neck would ease off. i don't know whether the stiff neck eases of or not. spoke to him last night and he did not feel any worst and felt he could go home but knows he needs the l/p for peace of mind.. as anyone else gone through this.


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Sorry to hear you are having an anxious time just now. Good to hear he is being checked out although the worry will be still there with you. Hopefully the lp wont reveal anything either. At least with us sahers, they do take things a bit more seriously following our sah, I know I was rushed in for suddenly having double vision and had a ct scan. It's always a good thing to get these symptoms checked out and hopefully nothing untoward is found.

Wishing you both all the best,


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I hope all turns out fine. My SAH was unexplained too, so I totally GET the worry about any strange sensation. I have been still getting neck pain intermitenly and it's not muscular either. It is sharp and just as suddenly as it appears one day, it goes away on another.

I'm glad you're going in for a LP. It may ease your worry... I hate worry, but we all do it.



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I understand your fear. I know we were all told there is next to no chance it should happen again, but then my question is "well why did it happen in the first place, and if it did, then why can't it happen again?" I do ask that only in a truly questioning sense. I don't worry about it too much, but there have been times when my headache has soared when it has crossed my mind.

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