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So glad I found this site!! Brand new here from Texas


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Hello everyone! I live in Texas and I am so happy to have found this forum.

I am a 41 y.o. mother of three children 20, 14 and 10 who suffered a SAH on April 21, 2011.

The road has been long and hard with plenty of ups and plenty of downs.

As of today I still suffer with short term memory problems, sleep cycle problems, extreme fatigue,

lack of creativity and a feeling of not caring, problems understanding what people are saying, problems putting my thoughts into clear speech (my sentences not making sense) and recently I've discovered my right eye getting blurry or fuzzy and problems reading with only the right eye.

My SAH occurred in the left side of my brain.

Here's a synopsis of what happened to me:

On April 21st, 2011 I suffered a SAH. I have been dealing with hemiplegic migraine disorder for about 9 years. Two weeks before onset of SAH, I began experiencing migraine headaches originating in a different part of my head. Whereas my hemiplegic migraines originated on the right side of my face with tingling and generalized weakness, these NEW headaches originated on the back of my head where the neck connects. I experienced stiffness in the back of my neck and it was very bothersome. Five days before SAH, I had a horrible headache. I remember having a bad feeling that day that something was wrong. However, being used to the migraines, I simply took two Tylenol and went to bed to sleep it off. Later that week on Thursday I went to work as usual. When I arrived home,as I was talking with my husband in the garage, I felt extreme pressure in the back of my head but no pain. I immediately knew something was horribly wrong. I felt like I was going to pass out and told my husband so. I tried to wrap my arms around his neck as my body quickly went numb.

My husband dragged/carried me into the living room and laid me on the carpet. By this time I could no longer talk.

He called 911, and as he did, a friend of mine was coming in. She talked to the 911 operator while my husband sat holding me scared out of his mind. Thankfully, the paramedics were nearby and came right over. They took me to a hospital well known for their expertise in Neuro trauma.

I spent 9 days in the hospital. Two days in the Neuro ICU.

I was subjected to MRIs, MRAs, CT Myelogram, Femoral Angiogram (the gold standard I was told) and given many meds to prevent any more bleeding.

Here I am alive by the Grace of God.

The doctors told me I was very lucky that I was at home and got to the hospital so quickly.

In fact, they were about to discharge me that next day, but ordered one more CT scan just to be sure. It was that one that showed the blood in the SA space. The tests they ran upon admission showed nothing.

It's better to be safe than sorry.

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I had mine in 2009....remember nothing until I had a shunt fitted for hydrocephelus ..I was in Cuckooland lol thank goodness

Saw my Family having parties and brother who died was singing to me..was all happy but I was so out of it.

You will get better and better....look back to how far you have come and keep thinking of how you was and now....

Welcome to BTG and keep going from strength to strength....Well done ....I have trouble walking far as back goes...but I can walk and was told I wouldn't...Keep fighting xx



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Welcome Puggo,

We must have the same exact damage- as I have the same symptoms! REALLY! I had my bleeds Sept 2011.

This site is the glue that holds me, or I would think I should be back to normal. So how are you doing? Do you work? What do the Dr. say about your recovery? You know I did see a neuro optho eye dr adn foudn I have blind spot in both eyes something you may want to ask about. My regular eye dr. does not see it but the specialist can tell they are there. I am use to them for the most part now except I always turn the shopping cart in to the end of row........

Everything is worse when tired and I have not had enough water to stay hydrated.

Goodl uck,mary

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Hi there

Warm welcome to the site, glad you found us.

You've just described my early recovery it gets better honey & you are early on in your recovery...

You are in no way alone in all this so I hope you find the site usefull...

take care

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Hi and welcome to BTG! It's good to find a place where there are others experiencing the same thing. Without BTG I would be as Mary says, thinking I 'should' be fine and wondering why I'm not! I have right eye damage too but I'm getting used to it and I don't notice it all the time now. It used to feel like it had something in it and I rubbed it constantly to clear it! My bleed was in November 2010.

Sandi K.

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