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Hello from Jack

Jack 1961

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Hello I suffered my NASAH approx 4 weeks ago I have to agree with everyone here no one seems to know anything about this subject my Neurosurgeon basically said I had dodged a bullet and sent me home after two days wth some medication and a follow up appointment in 6 weeks,I am lucky that I have plenty of sick leave to cover any time off.

My biggest problem has been continued headaches very minor ones and the fear of it happening again I currently have the flu and I am petrified every time I sneeze or cough something is going to go wrong will I ever get over this feeling.

I am fit and healthy 50 year old who woke up one morning and had a terrible headache whilst at the breakfast bar having a coffee that night i was in hospital with my NASAH, for me the most difficult thing is why me and how can I prevent this from happening again.

Anyway its just nice to post some words and read stories from other people.



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Hi Jack

Welcome! My son is called Jack, good solid name -

Read my posts, i am constantly searching for the why's, when's,if's but's & i had myn in March!

Everyone is so nice on here,its actually surprising how many people the NASAH happen to! I thought i was the only one, its such a comfort that im not.

Take care and ask away, there is always someone willing to help



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Hi Jack

Warm welcome to the site, glad you found us.

Have to say your not alone in feeling terrified that 'its gonna happen again' & that the bedside mannor of the nuro isnt what you want, mines said get on with your life....

I dont think you can prevent it, it happens.

But it eases takes a while but it gets better.

hope to hear more from you, take care

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Hi Jack

Welcome to BTG. Sorry to hear you have flu so early into your recovery. I'm 50 too and have had a few colds and coughs in the 3 years & 9 months since by bleed and nothing untoward has happened although I do have another unruputred aneursym sitting in my head so it can be a worry. It's very early days for you and anxiety plays a big part in those early days, but I think most on here would agree it diminishes with time.

Take care and don't hesitate to ask any questions if you are at all concerned - there is always someone willing to help out.


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