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Seizures - HELP

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Hi Everyone

Hope your all ok!

So I have had a set back! Early hrs Fri Morning, I had a grand mal seizure!!I only remember the paramedics coming into my bedroom as Andy had phoned 999 expecting the worst! I felt heavy, was confused, could taste metal in my mouth and just thought here we go again! Anyway dr's checked me over and did another CT scan and thank the lord there were no major changes - no new bleed or tumor etc- so they let me out yesterday at around mid day!

They gave me a few possible reasons why it happened-scar tissue from the bleed, stress and anxiety and drinking alcohol, which i must admit i have been doing quite a bit of to chill me out - which isnt the answer, so no more drink for me!!

So im back to square 1 with worrying if i will have another bleed and if i will have more fits, and I have been advised that I cant drive for 6 months!

I am back on the sick (but to be honest, i never felt right going back to work) and just worry what the future holds!

They have not put me on medication for the seizures, just been referred to a fit clinic where a see a neurologist - not a neuro surgeon!

Has anyone else had any experiences of theses seizures -its been nearly 7 month since my bleed :(


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Aww Bev my pal....

I have wondered where youv'e been!!! I only know that they are the most common of seizures and that it is a waiting game to see if any more occur...that's why they don't give any medication the first time round....i will pm you!!!

Rest now your on sick leave and your right to cut the booze out a bit ( ive made you sound like you have an issue with it :-D) i know you haven't!!!! Don't start worrying loads over this i think the aniexty youv'e had has led to this more than the bleed ( aniexty limits oxygen levels) which can be a factor in seizures.

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Hi Bev,

I'm sorry to hear you have had a set back. It must've been really scary both for you & your family. Unfortunately, seizures are a recognised result of a brain injury or brain operation but I think there are others on here who had one seizure and never any more afterwards. Hopefully this will be the same in your case.

I am a bit surprised though that you have been told not to drive for 6 months. I don't want to drag you down but from personal experience (luckily in my case, the 'suspected' post stroke/SAH epilepsy was eventually found to be unfounded) if you have a seizure the DVLA automatically remove your licence for 12 months. I know this is not what you want to hear but sometimes knowing things upfront is more helpful than being shocked at a later date.

Although I had never had a full on seizure - I had fallen a few times, I believe this was due to my balance problems post SAH and seemed to 'switch off' occasionally for a short period of time I was automatically disqualified from driving for 12 months, pending no further instances. When I saw the neurologist I was given the choice of starting medication or being an in-patient for a week at an Epilepsy Assessment Unit. I refused to take medication (thankfully as I do not have epilepsy!!) and the video telemetry I underwent proved there was no epilepsy. Obviously in your case there is no doubt that what you experienced was a seizure but with luck it will have been a one off.

Take your sick time off as an opportunity to rest & heal a bit more. Hope all goes well.

Michelle x

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hi beverly

im sorry to hear that you had such an episode which threw the family into despair and that you suffered a fit it is normal post sah bleed to expect such an episode im surprised you were not informed of the risk

it hopefully be a one off due to the brain healing and making new or repairing the pathways which have been damaged your check up with the neurologist will lay that fear to rest with an eeg which is pain free scan electrical mapping of the brain which will show if you are at risk of having anymore i think and hope you will not have anymore bleeds so please try and relax and settle down and wait for the dr to call you in for an chat and checkup take care

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Hi Paul, you made a good point - I forgot that at my initial appointment with the neurologist I had a 20 minute EEG after speaking to her for approx 10 mins. You are right, it is painless but they put the electrodes on with a substance like vaseline - Bev, take a hat to wear home from the appointment - chip pan hair is never a good look :lol:

My initial appointment with the neurologist & an EEG showed no sign of epilepsy but the doctor wasn't happy with that as it is only a 20 minute test. As with all other experiences on BTG, different doctors will settle for different opinions and results. Hopefully you will get a good one Bev & can move forward quickly from there. I also remembered today that a couple of others on here had a seizure with or shortly after the SAH & only had their driving licence revoked for 6 months, as you were told. I have no idea why these circumstances are treated differently but hopefully what you were told (i.e 6 months) will stand.

Michelle xx

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I did not experience any seizures post SAH except for weird 'Chills' up my spine sometimes after I eat. BUT, I know another who had a grand mal after almost a year of recovery. He had just gone back to work and they assumed that he was trying to take on too much. He never had another, but it's a wait and see sort of thing. My niece has epilepsy and it can be worrisome at times. However, since you had a NASAH like me, the statistics say you wont have another bleed. As you get more months under your belt, I can assure you that this issue will fade. I spent many a time, being scared every time I got the slightest headache. Even though you know intellectually, the feelings are another matter. It takes more time for the feelings to 'Get with the program'.

Take care and I'm sorry for the additional trauma you experienced as if SAH wasn't enough!


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