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Determined this week!

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Ok Folks:

Last week not so good. Not horrible but not good. Was a lousy husband cause I slept all week and was quiet.

So this week I am determined. Determined to be better. Determined to be healthier. Determined to be a better husband. Determined to try the treadmill at home. Determined to get my car registered before my birthday.I can't promise it will work as there are no guarantees with SAH. But gonna try.

I slept 12 hours Saturday and 12 hours Sunday. So far so good. I am going to shave at night so I have more time in the AM. I have a 4 day break on Nov 22-25 for Thanksgiving. Maybe now is the time for a little push.

Mary, Win anyone want to join me? Anyone have something that they are Determined to do this week?

Mad now, watch out SAH!



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I'll join you on the treadmill David

Been promising myself I would do half an hour a day but every morning I rush off to work and every night I come home shattered and fall asleep after eating

I wil;l do half hour every morning this week before I showeer and go into work later

As a bonus the later start may result in me not being as tired when I come home

will l;et you know Friday if I have stook to this!!!

Don't hold your breath though.......lol


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Hello you lovely lot!

Gosh, lots of determination on this thread!

David, hope you're writing lists of everything you want to do! That's lots of goals, one at a time honey!

Di and Cath, know how you feel, work, sleep, work sleep.... Zzzzzz....

As for me.. I'm determined to not burn any more pans! Yet again yesterday I'd totally forgotten I'd put something on to cook. Best the hub doesn't dare to buy me new pans for Christmas as I'd probably wrap them around his head!!!

Oh the joys of rubbish short term memory!!

We can do it guys! Yes, watch out SAH, we have determination!!

Take care,

SarahLou Xx

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Just today I was talking to Al and he said "Well you do go to bed early Win" Sheesh I am shattered and go to bed then I cannot sleep.

He/Al stays awake til late and I cannot sleep until he is in bed then he starts zzzzzing, then I still cannot sleep lol xx

David stay strong and positive, you can do a lot, just keep thinkinlg positive all the time, I know you can do it.

I am going to walk into a supermarket, and buy a coffee without back going on me. I hope !

Now get in your car and give me a lift lol ..You can do it David, remember a song you like and sing it when down but only happy ones though. xx

Be Well All of you xx


WinB143 xxxxxxxxxx Hark do I hear a car horn, Well look it's David speeding along xx Good luck David

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