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Hi all, hope you are all well. Have posted about this pain before but just wish I could get some answers. It's 8 weeks today since my SAH (wow two months, only feels like yesterday) and since getting out of hospital have suffered severe pain in my left lung. I have been sent to a&e where I had chest xray, ecg and bloods, nothing found, I was sent to the chest clinic on Wednesday and had same tests again, nothing found. They have told me to take dyclofenac, pain killers and go back in four weeks. I am so fed up, I am getting no sleep because the pain is so bad everytime I breathe. It's on the same side I had the SAH. Just wish I knew what it was so I could get it sorted and then maybe get some sleep. Pointless post, just having a moan. Lisa xx

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Hi Lisa, we get so many symptoms, I call them my 'weirdo' symptoms. Keep pushing your doctor, go back and ask about this. Anything that is causing anxiety, anything that isn't going away needs to be discussed with your doc.

Congratulations on your 2 month mark!

Sandi K. Xoxox

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Hi Sandi, thanks for reply.

I am getting many 'weirdo' symptoms but this is the worst I think. I have been to the doctors and hospital so many times with it. It's a mystery but a very painful mystery. At least it's keeping my mind off the scary head pains I guess lol.

Lisa xx

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Jord, That is very odd, I agree with Sandi Wise Woman! I get a muscle spasm under my right breast, right under my rib cage. It is a real big muscle spasm and it freaks me out. I have no idea why and no one will tell me anything but it is a yelp kind of pain when it happens. Sorry that is the best I can do to help you with that weirdo pain. Good luck, mary

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Woop-woo 2months....

Yes its rotten all the symptoms I had all that too hun, my way of thinking about it, its you repairing things healing have to say I had sore chest I was busies like a bad apple that was when they gave me CPR.

I'd say if your really worried either speak with your GP or go to A&E again will put your mind as ease, maybe ask the GP about councelling....

Reading your other post you said:

I just feel like my life has been destroyed
It will get better your life has a blip but its in no way destroyed honey.....

Hope things are a little easier now....big hugs...

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I always suggest going to the doc if your concerned about something.

Now, for the real me answering...

I've had so many SEVERE pains along the way in strange places. I had a pmSAH and it greatly affects the pons, an area that is involved with much of the neurons exiting and going throughout the body as well as the recipient of many of the sensory nerves. If things get mixed up here, you can get so many strange feelings that don't match with anything. If you think about it, if you have a focal stroke or one area of the cortex that is affected, then you know what you're going to get (ie a deficit in expressive language lets say), but these neurons don't affect the rest of the body...just your speech (I'm not in anyway saying this is easy). My brain stem was poisoned with blood that was not suppose to be there. It takes for ever for other parts of my brain to figure out what has happened even though my conscious brain is aware. There is a disconnect now from the most primitive and yet life supporting areas of the brain. I just hope mine is able to sort through it by trial and error. I have felt 'normal' perceptually every so often only to go back to the usual spacey. Why couldn't I hold onto the 'normal'? My brain is trying things out to see what works best now. It takes time.

I've stopped going to doctors for this as they only do more and more tests and come up with the same answer...there is no answer just like why did I have SAH. This is just me, though. I'm done asking why and how. I'm into learning acceptance for the day or the moment...and then hope for pains to stop or for improvements in balance etc. They're still coming.

Good luck with your journey


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