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One hell of a headache . Baz


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6 years since my SAH aged 50.Headache for a couple of weeks. Went to GP, hospital, GP again I knew there was something wrong

,But just got pain killers.Finally I collapsed at work while fitting some poor woman's kitchen.Gave her a bit of a fright.

In to hospital. Coil in. 3 months off work,which i now know was not long enough.

Back at work I had trouble understanding drawings which I had to work from,sometimes I couldn't recall everyday words

and had bad headaches.One year later the hospital told me I had Horner's Syndrome Which is something to do with my eyes.

I no longer do that sort of work. I'm doing something less stressful.

I'm fitter than ever. I've lost weight, stopped smoking, take exercise and drink very little.However my memory is getting

awful. I have to write everything down.I can't recall what has been said a couple of minutes ago and repeat a task I did only 5 minutes ago. I've set off to drive some where only to find I'm heading in a different direction. This really annoys

my wife.

That's my history, better than many. Just have to get on top of the memory thing.

Good luck to all.


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Welcome to BTG Barry! So glad you found this site. Has been most helpful to me and many others. Lots of information and support here, from people who've gone through what you're going through!

Sounds like you're doing pretty well with taking care of yourself - good for you :biggrin:

Yeah that memory thing can be problematic. I have to write things down too, and yes, sometimes forget to write them down!!!:lol: That part is not so fun, but almost 3 years post SAH, Im beginning to accept certain things in my "new" life. Kind of like the rollercoaster, ups and downs, but just have to keep going and know that I have more ups than downs.

Good luck to you. Hope to hear more from you.


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Welcome Barry,

And my memory is so bad I had to go back to look to see if your name was "Barry". My memory is not what it use to be and my processing took forever to start working again. I still see a neuroologist and he prescribe me medication that seemed to kick start part of my brain that had shut off. It still works but not as sharp as early on.

We all have the same yet different issues, maybe you can take this up with your doctor. I am so much worse when I am tired or have over done it. So many trips I just do not do because of that "what if I get tired when I get there??"

Good Luck & welcome, hope you find some useful information and some new friends.


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Hi Barry, Welcome to BTG.

Sounds like you are doing pretty well - any less stressful job has to be good!

I too suffer with memory problems which at times seem to be getting worse:frown: I find it quite annoying and frustrating - earlier this evening I was at my Mum's house, telling her something when the conversation was interrupted by my daughter ringing my mobile. I took the call which lasted about 30 seconds, but could I remember what I'd been talking to my Mum about? No and what's more she couldn't remember either! Whilst she is in her

80's and could be forgiven, I spent the next 15 minutes racking my damaged brain trying to recall any of the conversation - eventually I did remember but it was hard work!!

If you get any tips for improving memory, then pass them on:-D


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