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Creating New Memories

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I have had an emotional and bumpy start to 2013, some of which I am sure is directly related to the fact that my 1 year anniversary is looming ever larger on the horizon.

So........I have decided to adopt a positive approach to 2013 and go about documenting and compiling memories to share with my family when we are in a position to put all of this behind us. I kept a diary throughout 2012 documenting my progress post SAH, but this tended to focus on the negatives, e.g Headaches, and any number of related ongoing problems.

For 2013 I have started to compile a pictorial record of my progress, the emphasis being on progress with hopefully some added humour. My (borrowed) camera now goes everywhere with me, and for every new milestone, no matter how small, there will be a photo in my scrap book. So January has started with a photo of my car snowed in on the drive, and will continue with photos of the empty car each month until I am finally behind the wheel!

January also includes a photo of me at my desk, working. There will also be photos of any babysitting sessions I manage to achieve and so on.......... The photos will be punctuated with my observations about the crazy life I am now living.

The scrapbook will eventually form part of my legacy to my children, not in a morbid way but in a celebratory way and will go into the time capsule that I have been creating for them for many years.

The concept is giving me renewed energy and hope for 2013. I am hoping it will also help me to remain positive and keep my feet firmly on the ground, making sure I focus on what is really important to me, family. Just wanted to share my excitement.


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I have kept 2 journals since my SAH. One is for day to day feelings, deficits, appointments etc. and one is for in depth thoughts about aspects of my recovery. I kept a record of everything I've tried and worked/didn't work. Some really strange things like wearing weights on my waist in the AMs or drinking cough syrup and quinine to stop my crying.

I couldn't look at old photos for the longest time because I felt like I was a completely different person and they just made me cry. Now, I also started scrap booking with photos because the most important thing when you loose yourself is your friends and family...any record of them is perfect.

Have fun!


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