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Hi I'm Gavin


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I had a SAH on the 29th of January 2013. I had it coiled with a stent a week later and got out of hospital 2 weeks after that. Since getting home I've been really sleepy and have had an almost constant headache which I've been prescribed tramadol and gabapentin for. I've also had panic attacks as well as anxiety and angry outbursts and have been put on citalopram for this. I don't think I'm ready to return to work yet and feel really strange about what has happened to me, almost like it hasn't happened sometimes and at other times feeling like its turned me into another person. Weird huh? Any help appreciated on how to deal with recovery.

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Hi Gavin

Warm welcome to the site, glad you found us.

Think what your going through is common and at least you know its going on, dont rush back into work rest a lot drink plenty water and remember the brain takes it own time healing.

take care, it maybe quiet on here with the holiday weekend but you'll get lots of advice.

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How do Gavin and welcome to the site - you've come to the right place for info and support!

Rest is good - you're going to need it after what you've been through - so take it easy and drink plenty of water - that'll help too and you'll hear that a lot around here also!:wink:

Re: Work......you're most likely to be off for a while, frustrating I know, as I wanted to 'get back to normal' as soon as I could...but these things take time and you don't want to rush back in before you're ready.

Had my SAH Feb 9th, so a similar time to yourself, and I know I'm not ready for work yet.

I've found this site has answered a lot of my questions and calmed a few fears, so have a root around some old threads see if anything pi f interests pop up.



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Hi Gavin, I am sorry you have had to go through this but I am glad you found this site so soon. I think everything you are going through is pretty normal. You look rather young? Do you have a good support around you? You need and your supposrt system needs to read "A letter from your brain". I will look for it and post it here for you.

Headaches and fatigue are very common. I have no angry outburst but I believe from what I read it depends where bleed was maybe. I am the opposite I cannot even imagine the noise from an outburst. .......maybe because I work with barking dogs all day!!!!!

You need to GET IT that you cannot hurry your recovery without proper rest. It takes time to heal, I was told my type of surgery at least 3 months to heal, the brain itself seems to take as long as it wants. When the surgery takes 3 months it is mistaken you are HEALED it 3 months it pretty much means you can bump your head if you had to! LOL Or you can take off the protected invisable helmet we are wearing.

There are many people here that can offer you an ear, so please stay in touch and ask away! This place has kept most of sane. ANd it is nice to know others heal similar.

I am 1 1/2 years out, 54, working 35 hours a week and chugging along. I think most of us will say that we have been so enlightened by this experience that we like ourselves better now. I really mean that.

Good luck, Maryb


I am pretty sure this is it! If not someone will come along and correct me! PSS......ALso this is not like a broken leg this will take a different kind of healing that cannot be hurried.

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Hi Gavin, welcome to the site.

There is a wealth of SAH experience available via this site and lots of genuinely caring people who are willing to help. I'm glad you found BTG so soon after your bleed. There are lots of resources available as well and one that you may find worthwhile is a video of patient experiences which you can find in the forum 'Subarachnoid Haemorrhage Discussion', seventh thread down the list. And there is lots more that you can search for by entering key words for any issue that is on your mind.

Best wishes


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You have overcome the SAH Gavin, One Very Big Step !

Next step is to look back in approx. 1 month and see how far you have come.

It is a long progress but you are alive and and I for one am really happy to be given a second chance.

Stay strong and positive, the OT's said I wouldn't walk again but 60 to a100 yards is good for me, more to come I hope !!

Keep Well and believe in yourself, you can do what you want so go get em and cheer up and sing.

No shouting it only stresses you out and that isn't good for anyone.

Be Well


Note:~ oh yes panic attacks try sucking sweets or having water at hand and relax xx

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Hi Gavin,

Welcome to BTG.

After a SAH, we really begin to notice the function of the brain and how it controls everything about us. Even our emotions and reactions to things become intensified.

If you don't feel ready to return to work, then please don't. BTG is full of experiences of people who have gone back to work too early and have regretted it. Your brain needs to heal over the forthcoming months and work is often incompatible with the rest you need.

Many of us here, myself included, receive counselling to help us with our emotions post SAH. I was never this 'type' of person before, (as if there is a type,) and it was the kind of thing way off my radar pre SAH.

However, I felt like a different person post SAH and my reactions to things were not as I would normally behave and having counselling helped with this.

Here is a link to Headway, (a brain injury charity,) who have helped me lots and arrange my counselling with a neuro psychologist.


L xx

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Hi Gavin,

Welcome. Sorry you had the need to join BTG but hope you find comfort and reassurance here.

Everyone has said the key to this is don't rush it. In fact you can't, your brain wont let you. It will stop you in your tracks if you try and overdo it.

Slowly, quietly, calmly. These are all adjectives I apply in my life now that I didn't use much before.

Post SAH I felt euphoric to be alive and that masked just how ill , fragile and weary I still was. I was nowhere near fit to go back work but thankfully people around me saw that and stepped in. Hopefully your work will wait until you know you are ready.

Try building up to little tasks a little at a time that might help your stamina when you are ready to go back. That's what I am doing and I'm due back end of the month in a phased way.

Anxiety is so common. Mine has eased as the months have passed. There's some good information and threads on here about it but you might also try meditating , that has helped me calm my fears and thoughts at the worse moments.

Best of luck.

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