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my name is Therese and I had my brain haemorrhage in January 2002. It was fixed with coiling and then more coiling was done in June 2002. I was not checked again until September 2004 then an angi was arranged for Jan 2005 (that could not take place because of another illness that I suffer from). Another was arranged for Dec 2005 but the hospital cancelled at the last moment. I have just got my new appointment for the 19th Oct. I know that the coiling has to be either redone or there was mention this time of clipping. I actually had two aneurysms, one ruptured and both need redoing.

I get headaches but I would say they are no worse than I used to get before, but I do get tired. I was left without the sight in my left eye which I find very difficult to adjust to but I think my biggest thing is how alone I feel and how frightened.

I do work full time which keeps my mind occupied and I enjoy my work. I am alos married and have two grown up children and a grandchild.

Take care


Therese :D

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Hi Therese,

Nice to hear from you! :D

It must be really worrying for you and I can understand how frightened you must feel, having the aneurysms re-coiled or clipped. Are you having an angio or MRA when you go for your check on Oct 19th? It's one of my biggest worries as I know that my coiling has compacted and I had a bit of a scare last August.

Like you, I think that my eyesight after the SAH, has been one of the major hurdles to learn to live with .... I was fortunate enough for the sight in my right eye to gradually repair ...... but it's still out of line with the good eye and I get a lot of eye strain and pain through the eye, especially when I'm tired. When it gets bad I tend to patch it off as it drives me nuts!!

It's probably a good thing that you are working ... less time to think about stuff .... what sort of work do you do? Sometimes I wish that I was in the position to get a part time job, as you do have too much time to sit and dwell on stuff....it doesn't help. Running this site keeps me pretty busy though and I have my hobbies to keep me going.

Is this the first support group that you've joined, since your SAH? It's horrible though isn't it, when you feel lonely and frightened ..... I've suffered from quite bad anxiety attacks ... probably 50% due to the physical stuff that I'm stuck with and the other 50% due to fear and lack of confidence. I still only take one day at a time.

Anyway, any time you want to talk....

Hope that the day is kind to you,

Lots of Love Karen x :D

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Hello Therese

My names Louise & I had my Brain Haemorrhage Nov 99 shunt put in clipped & sealed then in Feb 2000 I had to get a drain put in Ugh!!! :(

I know exactly what you mean about being so alone I could & still be in a room full of people & I would still feel so very alone, because no-one knows what your going through unless you’ve had something similar you cant possibly know what its like people give all the usual sympathy reactions Oh I know what you mean I want to say ‘actually you have no idea what I mean’….Well that’s the way I see it at any rate.

I think you’re very good being able to go back to work & full time too I hope your not overdoing it though?

Employment is something that I don’t think I will be in again but hey we are all different.

I hope all goes well on the 19th Oct & your appointment goes ahead ok I know they do tend to cancel at the last minute if emergencies come up, but what I hated was the long space in between the appointments to get another had that a few times.

Well all for now and Take Care :)


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thanks for your replies. I work in adult education teaching Literacy and Numeracy. I have taught for this for over ten years now and this is my first full time job. It is also further from home than I would have liked, so it means that I have to drive further, soon I will travel on the bus as I can't see in the dark.

I must admit I love my job and the people that I meet. Since my heamorrhage I have completed two Level 4 course to gain specialist qualifications in Literacy and Numeracy. This has meant two years at college once a week but I have enjoyed it.

I took up greeting card marking to give me something to do to releax and I find it very useful.

I worry about everything but find I am actually a much more relaxed person since my illness.

Anyway take care and hopefully speak to you soon



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Hi Therese,

Your job sounds really interesting and rewarding. It's great to get paid for something that you enjoy as well.

Like you, I don't like driving at night with my dodgy eyesight....I find the headlight glare from other cars a real strain. My eyes were light sensitive before the bleed, but they're a lot worse now. How far away do you live from your work? At least there's a bus that you can catch.

I don't worry as much now as I did before the SAH...It's almost like my brain blocks the worry out now. I also don't feel as stressed as I used to .... like you I have hobbies to keep me busy, which is good ..... at the minute I'm making beady key/bag chains .... I have to work under a lamp and have a tendency to lose half my beads ... but it's quite enjoyable and keeps me out of mischief!

Nice speaking to you!

Love Karen x :D

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