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Do any BTG peeps get cramps ?

I get them in my feet and hands, sometimes I show myself up by banging foot and shouting "Oh blow it" or words to

that effect.

I'd be interested to know if others get them?


WinB143 xx

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Yep, and I am not a milk drinker so I started supplements. I get them in legs, feet and hands often while swimming. I also get like a charlie horse or cramping sharp sudden pains in my rib cage on both side and in my back right behind the rib cages. I would call those muscle spasms? Supplements have helped my legs and feet.


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I get them if I hold a knife and fork for too long, trouble is I am always eating .

I have had it in rib cage once and it was me bending over sideways ouch!!

Funny though my mouth doesn't get it says my Al !! hmm wonder what he can mean xx

Be well xx

Win xx

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I call these my growing pains. For me they happen just before a new set of neurons come back online. I've had them in my big toe, my back, my ankle, all the way down my arm to my little finger etc. I too yell in pain as it sometimes is excruciating, but it has always come with an improvement over the next week of that area. I hope it is the same for you! It's funny when it is short lived as I yell in pain, then the next instant it is gone. Some last for a while though and I need to take something for it.


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Yes Win,

I get cramps in my feet hands and ribs sometimes. Feet hurt but hands just too much typing on puter probabaly. Dawn, your thumbs may be from computer maybe.

Win, I know I eat a lot so my hands hurt from fork and knife too. Mouth gets in the way though.

Rib cramps are scary as shooting pains but they go away.


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