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Still tired after all these years

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I've not been on the forum or posted for a while. It's now more than 5 years since my SAH. However I still get really tired if I overdo things at all. I'm an awful lot better than during my first couple of years & feel I've kept on improving slowly over the years but still feel I've not got back my stamina.

I've given up mentioning it to people as it's now so long since my SAH and it seems as if I've been moaning about being tired forever.

Does anyone who had their SAH a while back think that the fatigue element ever goes away? I'd be interested to hear.

Also a big thank you again to Karen for all her work on setting up the forum - if it hadn't been for BTG, I don't know how I would have got through coping with the frightening symptoms I was left with after my SAH and managing to come to terms with what had happened to me.

Anne X

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Hi Anne

You are a couple of years ahead of me (I am just gone 3 years post op) but yes I'm still suffering mostly with fatigue. I can manage it better now but it can still creep up on me & floor me.

At the moment I'm not sleeping too well so its a cumulative effect but if I try to sleep during the day I can't sleep at night. I'm waiting for some black out eye masks which I hope will help as its been worse since the clocks changed.

I'm also better at knowing when to sit somewhere quiet & recoup a little. I also get fed up of answering that I am tired when people ask me how I am, I tend to say I'm ok now (I'm sick of saying it too:shocked:)

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I was just thinking the same thoughts. My fatigue is like jet lag. People seem really aware of others if they tell them that they've been traveling all day and no one expects them to do much. I feel this way all the time...from the moment I wake up and there doesn't seem like there is anything to counter it. More sleep, coffee, a short walk...NO.

On the positive side, I travel much better than others as I deal with it everyday so it makes no difference to me if I've just come off a long road trip. I'm still the same.


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