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click click click driving me nuts

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Every now and then through out the day I get a sound in my head, click click click click- its driving me mad. It sort of sounds like if you click your nails. I had a craniotomy 6wks ago and the sound is on that side - is it anything to do with that or am i just going bonkers after my sah?????

I have my fingers crossed that this is common if not I'll be crying again :devil:

Lesley xxx

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Hi Lesley :) yes this is normal :) :) , it is everything moving back and mending. You are in the very early stages. I found it very unsettling at first. It will keep making funny noises for quite some time. I found alot of help and peace of mind on here, thank goodness for BTG ! I came out of hospital with no information at all . Take care love Tina xx

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Yeeeeeeeha I'm not going mad thats great- thank you Tina- bit frightening to think the bit of bone they drilled is moving about yuuuck but at least its normal

Brian thanks for praying for me :-). Hope your getting on ok

Im so releived its normal :-)

Lesley xx

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Lesley I read your post and thought I'll tell her to ask Tina and look xx

Tina has answered you, there you go xx

Be well Lesley and ignore the clicking and I'll ignore the whistling in my ears (shhhhhhhhhh sound) Deal? xx

Be Well Lesley

Win xx xx

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I noticed a clicking sound as well. I figured it was that my tonic neurons had started firing again although really slowly. The sound was exactly like what I hear when I am listening for neurons in my lab. Usually, ours are firing so fast, it sounds like a quite high pitched hum. Now, I have none of that clicking and only the hum again :)

I hope it goes away soon as it was unsettling.


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I have a very similar sound, mines is more like the noise made while sucking the last bit of juice out of a cup through a straw, evry time my head moves it makes the noise and it started a good few weeks after I was discharged from hospital.

It was that noise the headaches, which I had not had in a while and the feeling of fluid in the head that got me admitted back in.

Three tests, two doctors and a hell of a lot of wasted money they came told me don't know what is causing it and sent me home.

Absolutey baffled by this I searched the Internet and after all of about ten minutes I found the answer "survivors of brain injurys often have a feeling of fluid in their head and also feel like they can hear the fluid moving" and where was this little snip it of information, on the NHS website lol

Actually forget the causes and prognosis so must go look it up again.

So we can click and slurp togather, if not a wee drop of wd40 in the earhole should do you. Lol

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Haha Desy we should just click open and slurp on a bottle of wine then we would maybe stop hearing or stop caring about all the blooming noises in our heads :lol:

You should go back to the hospital with a print out of the information you found and tell them to try harder next time OMG so incompetent grrrrrrr

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