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Hi all from sarahk67


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Hi all, my name is Sarah and my journey into the SAH Club started on the evening of 24th January this year. A normal day off, I’d been having bad headaches and been a bit narky for a couple of weeks, but I work in fashion and the Christmas period followed by the January sales are our busiest time so I just put it down to stress.

Went out to make a cup of tea for my mum and I when wham, as the saying goes, felt like I’d been hit in the head by a shovel. I deteriorated quickly and my mum called for an ambulance that took me to my local hospital. I was admitted to A&E whilst they decided what to do, the on duty Doctor having told my mum to prepare herself that I was either going to die or be left brain damaged.

She then received a call early the next morning to say I’d been ambulanced to a specialist hospital 45 minutes away and was to be operated on immediately. I was in theatre for five hours, during which time I had to be resuscitated twice before the operation was completed and I was put into ICU.

The next two days were very touch and go, but by the third I had started to show signs of improvement. I was in ICU for twelve days and luckily for me, I remember very little of this time. My amazing mum, brothers and best friend have filled me in as to what went on, having visited me every day for the duration of my stay.

After a total of seventeen days, I was allowed home - hurray!! By the second week of being home, I started to do gentle stretches every day to get my body moving again and now five months down the line, I still do those stretches but can now also walk my dog and do Pilates to continue with my recovery.

I’m now planning a phased back to work and see my Management Team once a month for a ‘keep in touch’ meeting. Last week one of them said to me ‘you’re such a fighter Sarah’ and I just yeah, yeahed her. But you know what, she’s right - we all are, we’re fighters and survivors to get where we are in our recovery. Every now and again I have to remember to give myself a pat on the back for getting where I am today, who knows what any of us can go on to achieve.

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Congrats SarahK67,

Well done, I think if you do not have a fighter instinct this kind of event would be a reason to give up. I say that as I think surviving a SAH is not for wimps for sure. It takes great strength and determination. I am glad to hear you are doing so well. Love the dog photo! Maryb

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Hi Sarah

Glad you have joined the sit and well done with your recovery- im still early on in my recovery- had my sah nearly 7wks ago, I need to take a leaf out your book and start some gentle exercise to get my strength back.

I have found this site wonderful, loads of friendly people and lots of advice and tips plus just hearing different stories and how people are getting on I think all helps.

Hope yiu find it as theraputic and helpful as me

Lesley xxx

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Hi Sarah,

I wish I had done pilates or things like that but I was in 2 hospitals, one from end of July till November then another

nearer home for about 6 weeks approx.

There they gave me physio but I had hydrocephalus and cannot remember anything (ie cuckooland.)

I called them(Physios) a load of witches or so I was told !! They then said I'd never walk again and I should be

in a home as I'd never be the same. So hubby said "We will look after her" x x Bless him.

1 shunt later, hydrocephalus has been sorted/under control, I walk approx. 60/100 yards then back goes.

Glad my hubby never listened to them.

Keep the good work up and never give up xx you are doing really well.

Best Wishes

WinB143 xx Oh and welcome to BTG xx

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Thank you all for your warm welcome, lovely to read your comments. I was abit shy about writing 'My Story' first of all and didn't really know what to say, but once I started typing I couldn't stop! It was actually quite cathartic and I had a good cry afterwards - but then I seem to cry about most things at the moment so no change there!!

This site has been an absolute god send with all the really useful threads, information to read and the general feeling that I'm not alone in this anymore, so thanks again to you all.

Sarahk x

(And Maryb, your two dogs are adorable!!)

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Hi Sarah,

I am so happy you are doing so well. I am going on 3 months soon and like reading the progress of others. I was thinking the other day of what exercises I should start with and you gave me the Pilate's idea. Never thought of it. I was a runner and belly dancer and right now I can't see my brain dealing with either. :)

Stay well.


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Iola start with walking as excersise ask the GP about Pilate's or yoga first, I was seemly told no but then always remember we're all different.

Sarahk, sometimes the best thing is writing down your story sort of helps you, helps you understand sometimes.

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