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One thing I've noticed along my road towards recovery is that I hurt myself easily now. I sneeze and hurt my neck or I stretch uncontrollably in the AM and throw my back out for the day. I try and take it easy, but I keep running into normal daily life stuff that hurts me like lifting a light object that turns out to feel too heavy for me at that point...if it had been 1hour later, it would have been fine.

If you also get these issues, what do you do about them? Prevention seems to help a lot, but sometimes, I just can't see it until it happens and my side is throbbing as I get up from laying on it too long or what have you.


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I held a knife and fork and got real bad cramps in my hand fingers went all stiff and little finger went forward, it was

like my hand was having a seizure lol but not really just cramp !!

Hope you are Well Kris and All

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Kris my neck seems to hurt more to when I carry things move it quickly my back hurts more too but I think it's possible that it's just because I am getting older. Go and speak to your Dr I know my sah damaged my left hand side muscles a physio told me maybe it has done something similar to you mine got better with certain exercises. Jess.xxx

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