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Working Again

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Hello All,

I know this thread is out there somewhere, but......


I started to work part-time yesterday. So far I am okay but exhausted by the end of the day. Meetings, emails, reading..... My profession is a Contracts/Pricing type so lots of reading and numbers. I must admit I do not miss all the reading. Boring. Thank goodness for a calculator.

I am working from home so that is good and everyone at work is very understanding right now. Will see how it is in a few months. I used to live for my job but I just really do not care as much now. Funny how things fall into alignment after something like this happens to you.


I am in another meeting right now so you see how interested I am. :)

I feel pretty good today so I sometimes wonder when the fear of this happening again will go away and I can do my job, go on vacations, live my life without this hovering. Sorry, just jumped topics but I figured while I am on here I might as well ask this one too.

Hope all is well with everyone.


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Well done Iola, another great step achieved:-D Working after a brain bleed certainly takes a lot of extra energy and can be hard going at times, but the fact that you have taken that first step is something to be proud of.

Take care,


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I agree with Sarah "I" well done.

Well done also CaseyR .

I get up and fall asleep if I have nothing to look forward to.


I find it hard as I cannot get rid of backache and walking is limited

One day One day though.


WinB143 xx

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Hi Iola,

Well done for getting back to work, that's a massive achievement, you should be very proud of yourself.

Just take things slowly, ease back in at your own pace if you can. I was very lucky, the company I work for allowed me to do my phased return over many months. I now work three days a week which for me at the moment is a good work/ life balance.


At first being back at work totally exhausted me, couldn't do anything much after a work day, struggled to even hold a conversation with my daughter but it has got much better now. Yes, sometimes work does floor me but then I work in a crazy busy clinic!

I can't put into words how good it feels for me to get that bit of 'normal' back.


As for the worrying that SAH will happen again, I think that's very natural. In the early days I used to worry about it happening again but that worry didn't last for long. I'm a 'what will be, will be' kinda gal!

I do wear a medic alert bracelet though which (amongst many other medical conditions!) states that I've had a SAH and that I have titanium clip in situ, it does give me the peace of mind that if I'm in a medical situation where I can't speak for myself all my medical information is available.


Good luck with your return to work, perhaps look in on the 'back to work' thread, lots of tips and advice on there.

Take care,

SarahLou Xx

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Hi SarahLou,

Thank goodness I have a great boss that is allowing me to phase back in as well. He was there when I had my hemorrhage and fully understands my need for taking it slow.

Yes, it does feel good to work again but boy am I ever tired! Time and patience.....:)

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