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Diane new member. Recovering....


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Hello Everyone,

So glad to have found you.. I am recovering from a ruptured Pica Anyerisum which was coiled 9 July 2013. I was released from the hospital 22 July and have been resting at home. I have noticed remarkable improvements to date. The headaches have drastically improved..my double vision is improving.. I can see the TV with both eyes open... the pain behind my eyes is lessening.. I can now walk through the grocery store and have given up the motorized cart..... small victorious steps...

I have had the sense of ... thankful I am alive.. since the "incident" ... the Dr's keep telling me that I am very fortunate.

When I found this site I was so relieved to read through posts... as I learned other people also had some of the same : double vision, aching legs, fatigue .

Glad there is a forum to discuss these issues, challenges ...


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Hi diane. Glad you have found the site, l do not post often but regularly read how other members are progressing. The one lesson we all learn is that once we realsed we have survived the road to complete recovery is slow. Often l feel l can manage without behind the gray! but l always come back for reassurance.

When when l feel frustrated that l have not coped with a situation. Just be patient with yourself l do not know how much help one has in Canada. But help from the medcal profession in wales has much to be desired! Self help is the only way

One learns so much from others, the fact. We all suffer tiredness. Memory loss and it certainly goes on and on, l find my friends have been very understanding and l have now started. Pony driving as l cannot ride any longer as my balance is bad, keep looking forward one day at a time. Love jill 14

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Hi Diane I also tell my self many times a day "wow I'm alive" and I feel so good knowing that while I have a few physical side effects my mental state is 101 percent due to the fact I am alive.

Keep telling yourself that and when your physical conditions improve your mentality and mood will be great.

Good luck.

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Hello Di

It is a great site for info and getting answers to questions no one else seems to know or understand. I find the search engine on this site a really good way of finding an answer quickly. There are alot of forums and options to look through which are informative and some of them fun to read through, they make you feel not so alone.

You sound like your doing really well with your recovery. Just remember, small steps for us all to start with.



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Thank you all for the kind welcome....

SO I was feeling great..then I woke up today... stiff neck and back and a headache..ugg! Not severe.. but enough to take some medication ( which I have only been taking at night for the past few weeks)....I am telling myself this is probably par for the course..

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If in doubt always see Doc, as you can do without the worry and stress.

I guess we all have had our days of tired and good days.

As long as our good days start to overcome our bad days we are winning xx

Be Well

WinB143 xx

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