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Welcome Pat


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Guest Firefly

:D Welcome to the board!! You will find a lot of fun and supportive people here!! I am Tricia, I am almost 2 years post rupture. I have been stented & coiled, my aneurysm is next to my left optical artery and comm. artries.

:?: I am still trying to find your story?? I will be keeping you in my prayers! I know you will get answers here and support! :cool:

Keith, I have looked all over for it? What is it posted under? I even looked under member list and shows 0 post??

:wink: Sorry guys, brain still doesn't work right!! :P

Hope to read your story soon! Tricia

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Guest Firefly

:wink: I finally found your story, it touched me so deeply it made me cry. :cry: But, in a good way. You are such an inspiration!!! I have a great respect for what you have been through together and I am so happy that he is still here with you!! As I am so glad to still be here myself! I will be 2 years post rupture that almost took my life twice, long story! I am 47 now. I had my rupture 7/05 and surgeries to stent & coil in Sept. & Oct.05, with complications. Still have a ways to go on the recovery but, getting there and trying hard!!

God bless you for your long journey together and your wonderfully put assessment of your life! You write so beautifully, you should write your story.

I started a rough draft for a "book" or guide about life after a aneurysm. But, I am still recovering and do not have my language and word skills I use to!! I am trying to relearn a lot!! Have brain memory games, read the dictionary & mostly write a lot of poetry. Everyone says I should publish my poems, most about anuerysm's. It is good therapy for me!!

My husband and I just celebrated our 20th Anniversary April 18th. :D Thank God he is like you, he has taken very good care of me and loves me with all his heart. It is obvious that we share the same deep love for our spouses!! Although, you have a few years on us and a lot more experiances together!! :wink: That is wonderful!!!!!

Your story is so moving and so wise! You are a wonderful woman, I can tell just by that letter that you are amazing! Thank you so much for sharing it with us, I hope everyone who joins reads it!! I will never forget it and will read it often! I will be keeping you in my prayers and hope that you have many more wonderful years together!!! Have fun, it sounds like you already do! :) My husband and I are always making each other laugh and best friends! Take care and God bless you!! Tricia

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Guest patacake

Thanks Keith and Firefly for the welcome.

I found this website by accident but I am so glad I did. It's like being part of a extra large family.

Busy going out and about now but I will catch you all later.

Take care


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Pat, it's lovely to have a few more Carers on the site now, who can offer support to each other......

Yes, there's some nice friendly people on the site and they do feel like family....it's just great to be able to talk to others that know how you're feeling and also nice just to have a general natter. :D

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