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Head bang

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Hi quick question for everyone. Has anyone had a bump to the head post surgery? I just smacked my head pretty hard on the a wooden table after tripping up a step. I am 15 weeks post surgery and now have a lump (an extra one, lol) the size of an egg. Has anyone else been clumsy enough to do this? Not overly worried, but little concerned as quite close to my scar.

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Hi Debz, I've always been terrified of banging my head since being clipped. I did bang it on the overhang of the worktop & it really really hurt but that was over a year post op. Being only 15 weeks post op I would contact your neuro nurse or your own gp to have it checked over.

Chances are it will be fine but I think its best to err on the side of caution when your op was so recent.

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Debz, you need to go and get yourself checked out, especially if you have any swelling or pain. Give the NHS telephone number 111 a call and see what they advise.

I was head butted by our dog whilst playing with him on the floor (I was quite a way into recovery) and it hurt ... nothing untoward happened, but I was still worried.

Give the 111 number a call. xx

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Thanks guys, took your advice rang 111 and then went to GP. Seems I have concussion but nothing worse.

Head ****** hurts again now though, feels like I'm just a few weeks post op not 15, but hopefully will recover from this pretty quick, going back to work on Thursday and am anxious enough about that anyway, let alone now with concussion to boot.

Still, onwards and upwards as they say. :-P

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