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intracerebral haemorrhage


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i asked tonight and they said this is what hubby had. i didn't know there were so many different types of stroke!

he was awake all through visiting tonight and trying really hard to talk to me but i couldn't understand him with his trachy in - i'll be so glad when it's taken out. they've taken the oxygen pipe off it now so hopefully it won't be too much longer :-D

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I don't read to much into different types of sah strokes but I know there are many..........I worry to much so the least I know the better hehe that's what my doctor says x x

your hubby sounds like he is doing well ....small steps and one at a time x x recovery is/can be a long road x x

I know having my hubby by my side and all of Btg has been my greatest help to where I am today x x x

sending you lots of hugs and positive vibes x x x

love Donna x

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