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Hi all

I had an angiogram wednesday what a yuk experience .

I have felt soo Ill since and had three migraines with aura is this quite normal??

Also worried about them saying I need a shunt - is it likely I would know if I need one 3 months down the line.....

Very worried ............

Thanks xx

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Hi lawson, poor you. Hope you feel a little improvement today.

I think you are in the states so it may be different but they can usually detect brain ventricle size using MRI scans, it even shows on the CAT scans , so if they are concerned the hydrocephalus is returning they can and will be able to see it. Also they tend not to go straight to putting a shunt in. That's my experience anyway.

Do you have someone who can help ask questions for you?

Try not to worry, easier said that done I know. The bleed you've had is going to make you feel poorly for some time and very common to have symptoms that just scare you. Keep talking to the doctors and us.

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Hi there

Yes, sorry you had a rotten time, its not always like that honest...

I have a shunt & also a tube in my head, If I'm right in thinking some people have to go back and get the shunt fitted but I could be wrong on this, but usually when they do it makes all the difference to them....

As Daff says do try not to worry, I know its not that easy.

take care

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Hi Lawson,

I had a shunt fitted as I was out of it, in dreamland most of the time, so in 2010 they put one in and it was

like someone turning a light on.

They waited a long while because I was ill with Ventriculitus and then Sepsis.

I needed it as I was so out of it but now I am the old me (pain in the neck) no comments lol

Speak to surgeon and tell him your fears/worries.

Good luck

WinB143 xx xx

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