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Trying to Improve my Memory

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My memory problems seem to have reached the point of no more improvement but I'm always looking for ways to improve my memory if I can.

I found this fact sheet which covers cognition as a whole and think might be quite useful.

I like it because it's easy to read and I like the way it includes things that family members can do which I think is really important.

I also have problems with saying inappropriate things in conversation, not being able to see how this can affect other people..

Here is the link http://www.msktc.org/tbi/factsheets/Cognitive-Problems-After-Traumatic-Brain-Injury

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Thank you Momo,

Good article. I have saved it in my favorites. I think I need to practice one thing at a time though. If I learn one thing something leaves my brain at this point. My boss seems to think I say inappropriate things but I tend to think I am only stating "facts" in a matter of fact kind of way with no sugar coating - cannot believe that could of gotten worse since SAH but apparently it has.

But that I think goes with patience and I have very little anything left for whiners or self pity people that are not giving 100% all the time. Wonder how many have that issue now?

Thanks again for the enlightening article.


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Good thread Momo,

I tried reciting poetry I learnt in school days (Wow Win you have a good memory). It impressed my brother.

When young, He had to do a poem by Rudyard Kipling, River Thames? it goes 20 bridges from Tower to Kew and so on.

My Brother was amazed I could recall it as he remembered some but not all. He asked me to write it down for him.

I try and remember, has the dog been fed? ermm Nope !! Did I take a pill ? help!.

So young days and songs I remember but ask me about this morning clue needed. I am getting better ever day and it helps that this site is here as my mind works fast ie thinking of one thing then thinking about a new topic.

I slow down on here and get peace from family when typing (Sometimes) !!

Now off to look at link

Be Well All


WinB43 xx xx

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Exercise, no matter what kind (doesn't have to be strenuous) has a highly beneficial impact on building neural pathways so adding even a small amount into your day is useful. If you did even small amounts of PT you might have done things that seemed "odd" that had the purpose of rebuilding or stimulating neural pathways. It is also beneficial when you're trying to learn new material to do it while moving (most of us are kinesthetic learners, so pairing trying to learn something with movement helps our bodies make a brain-body connection).

There is nothing wrong with using things to help you remember. I used my iPhone to remind me of things ALL the time when I first got out, and still do. At 7:00 every Mac product in my house says "Take your medicine" so even if I'm not in front of a computer or holding my phone, I'm going to remember doggone it! Roy got me a pill minder to sort the pills when I'm feeling good so I don't have to think when I'm not feeling good.

Other things that help...dog feeding, put the bowl upside down after cleaning it. If it's upside down you haven't fed the dog. Before the pill holder thing, I'd put my pill bottle upside down so I knew if I'd taken the morning dose. Hang things I need to take to work on the door. I also set "time to leave" alarms and things like that.

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  • 5 months later...

Just had a look back at this thread.

Teechur mentioned a good point about the medication we take. I used to get into a real muddle with medication I had to take a while back for really bad sciatica. I would go through hours of pain simply because I couldn't remember if I had taken my medication or not. The pill counter is probably a must for us as it could be so dangerous. ( I refused to use one though as I felt it was for old people...really silly I know!!)

Also exercise has improved my memory I think also my confidence. I just walk as much as I can as that is all I'm capable of now.

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Here's another link - to a delicious poem on the subject - it's called "Forgetfulness"


Sorry, that doesn't seem to have come out as a proper link but if you highlight it, right click and say go to it, it works!

I heard it on the radio first - at about 5.30am last Sunday when I could not get back to sleep and I particularly love the idea of the things I'm trying so hard to remember having decided to retire to the southern hemisphere of my brain to a little fishing village where there are no phones!

Not a practical help like the really good article you have found - but comforting, I find. I'm all for a good comfy pillow, me.

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Exercise is the first thing on most all neuroscientists list to do for memory as it is on mine. Games come in about 5th place, I think for me.

I like to stick with the practical and concentrate on the type of memory you want to improve. Memory is such a BIG idea. Do you want to remember someone's face? A factoid? A process for putting something together? Instructions in a written recipe? How to ride a bike? A past event or conversation that you were trying to forget?

I had trouble finding things in plain sight big time. I still do a bit, but I used to be fantastic at finding things in obscure places before. I played a game every night called find the hippo with my husband. I remember going around the room complaining, and getting frustrated before I'd even be able to formulate in my mind what exactly I was looking for. I'd stand in the middle of the room and say, 'Hippo head, hippo head' instead of looking and saying something like, 'Where is it? or where is the hippo?' Strange, but true. I did a bunch of strange things to work on each deficit I identified.

Now, I work on acceptance...both what is and what changes over time. it's hard to get better, too.


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