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Sam - Should I be worried?

Sam Green

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About 1 and half - 2 years ago I was on the toilet late at night straining and pushing hard - I mean really hard! Suddenly I felt this massive pain in the back of my neck. Massive! one of the worst pains I have ever felt! Suddenly as well, from nothing to immense pain within one second with a massive pulse like a big drum banging .As the Doctor said "was like you were hit with a brick on the back of the neck?" Yes exactly like that I replied .Neck was sore so I went to Doctors who sent me for scan -nothing found!

About 6 months to a year later same thing happened , massive pain , huge pulse ,terrific pain so bad I screamed and clutched back of neck.Called ambulance went to A & E . Scan again, nothing found. A Lumber tap taken. Told I was O.K sent home. Since then constant pains in back of neck ,headaches in back of head.

Currently bad bad pain in back of neck with constantly a feeling like my neck is stiff. Feelings of pressure building up.Feeling in my neck very uncomfortable lying in bed at night. Been to Doctors told it was muscular and prescribed anti-inflammatory tablets and told not to sleep on two pillows. Area just below protrusion at bottom of back of head is painful to touch .Pain seems to be getting worse not helped by cleaning ceilings at work.Are the Doctors right? If it is muscular why won`t it clear up? I`m also suffering from work related stress.

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Hi Sam

Welcome to BTG. :)

Iola is right you should go back to your Doctor and ask to see a Neuro Specialist.

We cant give you medical advice, only our experiences and support.

I hope you can get your pain sorted out and get to the bottom of all this.....stress can cause all kinds of problems too.

Good luck and keep us updated.

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