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Since my brain decided to rewire itself I have found it comforting to learn a little more about neuroscience and how it all works. I take most things I read with a pinch of salt but one site/ blog/ Facebook I found quite uplifting and refreshing. Your Brain Health. It is written by an Australian Dr Sarah Mackay and she shares tips and actions to improve and maintain brain health.

Anyhow she has shared the following list of blogs that she recommend from the past year and I wondered if it might be useful for our community. I am sure there will be something for everyone in amongst this lot.


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Thank you Daff! I also have become very interested in Neuroscience. I believe we know so little about the brain, and in a way I also find that comforting. I just find it all very very fascinating. I think I have a very good neurologist right now, but I believe the more I learn the better I can advocate for myself.

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