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More details on my SAH

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So while trying to get an appointment witha nuerophsyochologist today I finally found out some details on my SAH. (Not that it means anything to me, but maybe some of you know.) My chart says, " Grade 1 SAH secondary to a right posterior communicating artery haemorrage." So now that I know the details, what the hell does this mean to me? Anyone witha a similar set of words know what can be expected. I read on Wikepedia that Grade 1 means I had a "Minimal headache". Holy I'd liked to meet the person that wrote that in a dark alley! :)


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Hi Linda,

I thought that the grading related to the level of consciousness a person is at, when they're admitted to hospital?

I know that there are various scales, but the Hunt and Hess scale is what I've normally seen quoted on SAH papers.

Hunt and Hess scale

The first scale of severity, described by Hunt and Hess in 1968:[3]

Grade 1: Asymptomatic; or minimal headache and slight nuchal rigidity. Approximate survival rate 70%.

Grade 2: Moderate to severe headache; nuchal rigidity; no neurologic deficit except cranial nerve palsy. 60%.

Grade 3: Drowsy; minimal neurologic deficit. 50%.

Grade 4: Stuporous; moderate to severe hemiparesis; possibly early decerebrate rigidity and vegetative disturbances. 20%.

Grade 5: Deep coma; decerebrate rigidity; moribund. 10%.

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When I asked my NS what grade SAH I had, he asked with a smile "Which scale?" thinking I would not know, but I had gone prepared :wink:

Anyway, the Fisher grade is used to determine the extent of the haemorrhage from the blood visible on the CT scan (also from Wiki)



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