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Hi all


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I had my operation on the 17th July 2007. Initially the G.P. thought I had a migraine. I have only had one migraine before, so I was completely in the dark about what was happening to me, but what I do know is that I've never, ever had a headache like it.

Everything came on so suddenly. The first step that something was amiss was when I was going to bed, I suddenly felt a great urge to sit down, I felt a tremendous pain "crawl", over my head. Before that had happened I had had a perfect day, and at the end of it I was just going to bed. I didn't have what I would've imagined to have had as a warning..........but reading the extracts from this forum I believe I may have had. But, you don't know do you? Any way my husband was already in bed and he asked what was wrong, I couldn't move my head to speak to him. He came over to me, I didn't understand what had happened to me, let alone tell him what had happened, bless him. We dialed N.H.S 24 and in short they thought I had a migraine, but to be fare I thought that was what I was experiencing too. I was told to go to bed and see my G.P. the next day.

I got an appointment and my husband took me to my G.P. the next day, again to be fare I have hypertension and I thought it may be to do with my tablets as a side effect was migraine. So to cut a long story short I went home with new medication.

Next day I went into the shower and once I came out I felt very strange, the same thing happened that I had experienced the first time, pain in my head and the "crawling" feeling in it. My son 'phoned N.H.S. 24 again, we were told to go to our local A&E department, this I did. I was seen by a G.P. who also thought it was a migraine, I was sent home with strong pain killers.

Two days passed after that. I promise you, I don't remember anything about those days at all. On the third day my husband found me on our toilet floor, he thinks I had got out of bed to be sick. Thank God he found me, one of the Paramedics who attended me at my home before I went to hospital had a suspicion that he knew what was wrong with me, he was correct. I then went into hospital, again to cut a long story short, had a C.T. scan which revealed that I had had two aneurysms that had burst and they then chose to operate and coil a third. Still at this point I was still out cold. I awoke to find I was in hospital in a H.D.U. after an operation nearly lost a whole week out of my life.

But, all in all I think I have been very lucky. I'm now at home getting better every day. I have been signed off work, taking a day at a time. I am very lucky that my husband found me when he did as apparently the Paramedics had to do some work on me before going to hospital because I was fitting. My husband was told by staff in the hospital it didn't look good, but God bless I am here telling the tale.

Bless you all and take care :D XXX

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Thanks Holly for telling us your story ...... :)

It sounds quite typical of a lot of the stories on this site ...... but, we survived and we're blessed to have a second chance .... that's not to say that it isn't hard, but I'm still glad that I'm here and that I've been given a chance to see my kids turn out into lovely young adults .... I may not always be grateful, when I'm having a bad day .... but on the whole, I do count my blessings......

Keep well and remember to rest up ..... big hugs, it's not always easy to tell your story and I know that it can be quite an emotional thing to write about.

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Thank you very much to you both for your very nice, kind replies. :lol:

It feels good to have people, that have experienced what I have, and you all do it in such a positive way. :D I have felt confused and upset about what suddenly happened to me, it has totally changed my life and my way of thinking. One minute my life was ambling along doing my normal every day things, and wallop???? Big life change out of the blue. It feels like my life is being controlled by someone else at the moment because it has only been a month and a bit. I must sound terrible, but I like to be in control and now I feel that something has taken over my life. Do I like it.... no, but I don't feel I have a choice. With all your kind help I know I will get there, thank you.

Gosh!! I sound mad ha! but it has been a life changing experience, but I do want to add that I am so very happy to still be here,bless you. :lol:

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You don't sound in the slightest bit mad Holly, in fact I think you've summed up perfectly how I felt just after my SAH!

Thanks so much for sharing your story - it is always interesting to hear how everyone else got here. I was very very lucky in that I was diagnosed correctly straight away, unlike you and so many others!

Listen to Karen (she knows her stuff!) and get lots of rest.

Take good care, Blondie x

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Hi Holly,

You're not mad.....what you're experiencing and feeling sounds pretty normal after having this happen to you ..... most of us realise now, that each and every one of us has little control over our life .....that's quite hard to accept and a lot to deal with ...... try to take each day as it comes and don't look too far forward ..... be kind to yourself and remember that you're ill, so don't push yourself too hard or fight against the fatigue. Rest and sleep is one of the keys to recovery for most of us.

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Hey there Holly

It's like listening to my own story from what you've said. I was all over the place for about 3 months after my SAH. I felt like I was turning into a complete fruit loop!!!! It was only when I managed to see a Counsellor that I realised I was suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome and had piled loads of guilt on top of myself as well. I really did feel like I was going mad - crying all the time, not knowing how to crying and feeling depressed etc. It took someone to tell me that what I was experiencing was completely normal to stop me feeling crazy. Your body has just had the shock of it's life and your brain has been insulted beyond belief - as hard as it may seem at the moment, it is a perfectly natural reaction to an SAH. A year on I'm feeling pretty much normal again, the headaches have stopped and my memory is improving - most of all I know that I am in control again and that this was "a blot on the landscape" so to speak.

As Karen says though - listen to your body and rest - I found my worst days were when I hadn't had enough rest and sleep. Take each day as it comes and when that day is over just tell yourself that you got through that one and you'll get through the next one. It does get easier as the body mends.

Someone once said that if you break your leg it's in plaster for 6 weeks - no one can see the brain injury but it takes easily 10 times longer to mend. You are doing fabulously to be able to get on here so soon after your SAH.

The only advice I can give you is - don't beat yourself up, this is not your fault and let someone else take control for a little while - it'll call come good.

Take care

Sami xxx

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Thank you all for replying to me, I really appreciate it.

This site is wonderful. The replies are very welcome because it helps to realise that what I am experiencing is common enough, with what we've all had. It feels good to share, I mean, don't get me wrong my hubby and family are great, but it's grand to be in touch with you all, thank you for being all so kind.

Hollie xx

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