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Remnant filling

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Hello All,

I was so excited to be able to post last week that I was getting "released from my nuerosurgery team but I had a follow up Angio yesterday and the doc found that I have a remnant that is filling again and they need to minitor it. I am so sad. I was really hoping this whole nightmare would be over. I realise that a tiny remnant is nothing to freak out about but I just wanted to be "fine" and forget this all happened.

Oh well.


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Linda, poor you and so sorry to hear that ..... try to keep your chin up and don't let it get you down too much. Easier said, than done, I know...

My aneurysm still has a neck left on it and hasn't been totally occluded/filled .... It was quite a shock when I found that out and not the news that I wanted to hear....I was really fed up. I had all sorts of vision of the ****** thing bursting again..... but the professionals have decided to leave it alone .... it took me quite a while to literally get my head around it, please excuse the pun!

However, I'm still here .... I have a feeling that I might need more treatment later on, but I've resigned myself to that fact now and better to be treated than have to suffer this bursting for a third time.

I know that none of us wants to be in this sort of situation, but at least people are keeping their eye on us.

Thinking of you......

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I was told that my aneursym had a space not filled but was told by neuro chappy not to worry and they will monitor it, that was over 8 months ago and I haven't got another appointment unti January 2008 so they are obviously not concerned so I've put it to the back of my mind. I think I'm having a scan pretty soon so should know more.



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