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hi im new with questions

Guest Irene1234

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Guest Irene1234

hi just joined :) my names irene and im 64 i had a sah 4 years ago and have headaches daily short term memory loss even now after 4 year still jumble my words but apart from that ive been well still doing normal things but get tired easy.

4 years ago had a SAH i had 2 coils fitted at front of my brain.4 weeks ago i had a routine brain scan and have now been told they have found blood on my brain and now my GP has told me that i may have a leak or a flow of blood, waiting for a decision on whats going to be done. just wondering if anyone else has had the same or now's anyone who has!

im 64 with high cholesterol blood normally fine can sometimes be high eat healthy good weight!

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Welcome Irene!

You sound like quite a few of us with the short term memory problems and tiredness.

I can also jumble my words or when I'm tired, I can't find the "right" word... luckily, most people are pretty understanding.

I had a "warning" bleed, 4 years prior to this SAH, so I was basically walking around with just a blood clot holding my brain together for all of that time.... thank God, that I didn't quite realise all of the implications at that point.....now, it makes me shudder....

Even after having the coiling carried out, the neck of the aneurysm is still untreated..... the fear of it happening again is still there, but I've gone past the point of total fear......I just hope that they'll keep an eye on me.

I hope that you get some news soon on what they're going to do for you ... this is definetely not an easy thing to go through...

Thinking of you....

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Hi Irene - and welcome to the site. I'm glad you've found us.

I'm almost 3 years post SAH and I too still jumble my words - mostly when I'm tired or distracted.

Really sorry to hear your news, that must be must be very difficult to go through. Good luck with getting some news soon. Take care,

Blondie x

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