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neck stiffness /pressure

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Hello to all, I have found your site such a big help, thank you for being there for all of us out here floundering. for me especially its wonderful as there doesn't seem to be a site anywhere in Australia I've googled but have found nothing.

I have a question I'd really like your help with if you can, it relates to exercise and and neck stiffness.

My husband and I have recently bought kayaks, not your streamline racer but the safe pleasure craft for cruising our vast waterways here on the coast It's a wonderful sport we were out yesterday the sun was shining, water blue and calm, life don't get much better than this! anyhow my big question is my neck it really bothers me I feel like there is a build up of pressure at the back of my head mainly at night which frightens me a bit, I find if i sit up I get some relief, this happens not only after rowing but walking, cycling and exercise in general all stuff I love doing, is this normal after SAH it's been 7 1/2 months now, do any of you have the same or similar? I would dearly like to hear any suggestions you might have re this.

Thanks so much for listening.


Diane xx

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Hi Diane,

Hope that you're generally keeping well... :)

I have had a constant problem with my neck post SAH. I find that when I'm driving, I have to have my seat in a more upright position than before. My neck often feels as though it won't support the weight of my head and I've often found myself walking around and supporting my head/neck with my hand. I must look pretty odd to anybody looking at me, so I try not to do it now!

When I turn my head, my neck often feels stiff. However, I've also been plagued with dizziness, so rapid head turning isn't too good for me.

My Physio recommended an exercise that involved walking indoors in a safe environment .... such as a long hallway and with every step, turning your head left to right and repeating it, in an over exagerrated way....hope that I'm making sense. She seemed to think that my neck was stiff, because I was avoiding head movement, as it enhanced my dizziness and made my eyesight problems worse.

In my early recovery days, I would wake up with bad head pressure, so I would often prop myself up in bed. I found the "V" shaped pillow offered really good neck/head support and I still use one now. I can't sleep with a normal pillow, so if we stay in a hotel somewhere, the "V" pillow comes with me.

It might be worth you having a chat with the Doc and getting yourself checked out ..... you're still in the early stages of recovery, so be gentle on yourself ..... wish that I was half as energetic as you! :lol:

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Hi Karen,

Thank you for getting back to me so quickly wow it must me pretty late over there, I feel more confident after reading your message a big thanks

yes I know what you mean I get dizzy also when I try that exercise and my physio said the very same thing to me. I will get it checked out but knowing you have experienced the same helps me understand it's all part of this SAH recovery.

Kindest regards

Diane xxx

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Hi there my sah was Jan this year and I to still suffer badley with neck pain but its so much better than it was, my gp said its to do with the blood making its way down the spinal colum? anyone my mum gave me one of those lavender things you stick them in the microwave and then put it around your neck, i'm addicted to mine!! :

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Hi Yasmin,

The neck pain definetly gets easier with time ..... A few of the guys on this website have suffered with the same ...... it does take quite a while for it to go and for me, it was a slow process ..... probably a year and a half ..... however, when I get periods of bad fatigue, it comes back and then goes again. I think that having a good supportive neck/head pillow helps and you have to find what's good for you ....

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Hi there. I am 4 months in and neck pain and stiffness is still quite severe at times. I also have the v pillow but then I have had one for years as they are so comfy. I find it relieves the pressure on my head. I need to lie down when it starts stiffening, It's as if my body can't take the weight of my head......very weird feeling......so a lie down really helps. Like Lousie it's usually when I am tired or stressed. Hope this is helpful to you as i'm still pretty new to it all.

Mollie xxx

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